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Boyz Toyz

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Justus, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Havent seen this vid posted here before.

    *Racing on ice*


  2. that looks like one heap of fun.....

  3. Those blokes are off their chops. There was a good section on ice racing in On Any Sunday, but those bikes only had a hundred horses.
  4. the rooster tails were cool

    didnt like the rutts in the corners :shock:
  5. sweeeeeeeeeet

    Cheers :cool:
  6. Amazing stuff!
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    Fast bikes.

    Fast bikes.

    Great clip.

    At the end, the front is up for so long that the wheel stops rotating.
    Watch what happens when it comes back down again. :shock:


  8. Re: Fast bikes.

    FAAAAAAAAAARK! I've never seen hyperbikes *abused* like that before. JEEEESUS.
  9. Bloody mad finns! Wasn't Roy G Biv was it?? :grin:
  10. Saw this but on super motards live in northern sweden about 10 years back, totaly NUTS, and when they fall off it all goes pear shaped real quick
  11. Its kinda cool how when they do burn-outs they break through the ice then they get stuck. Looks fun, but i dont really like the idea of traveling at that kind of speed on ice, with those kinda ditches all over the track, and the fact how incredibly bad things could go if they were to come off with those damn spikes all over the tires, wouldnt be pretty if the tire happened to run over your body in the event of an Off.
  12. Interesting stuff, do they make tyre coolers :LOL: for these blokes.
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  14. Ahhh you made it! :grin:

    We're going to have to hook up again soon. :wink:
  15. West Coast Ruff Ryders

    West Coast Ruff Ryders.

  16. That ice racing looks like a LOT of fun!
  17. that is fkn insane!!! but its a bit too much if you ask me! theres a thin line between riding 4 the thrill and riding with a death wish! :)
  18. Ace Cafe

    Ace Cafe

    Cages not welcome. [​IMG]

  19. Re: Ace Cafe

    Lol @ 1.24, the L-plater wheeling the scooter :LOL: