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Boys in blue to the rescue

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pro-pilot, May 17, 2007.

  1. Great to see that the swings and roundabouts of the law work in our favour from time to time!

    Was heading home last night up near warragul rd, all lanes clear except for me and one other car which was right up my six'o'clock. I was bang on the speed limit, and instead of the driver switching lanes and shooting off in his cager, he deliberately swung though my lane, missing my left leg by a handfull of inches! :shock: .

    At this time all I did was kill the throttle and pull back with him laughing. Needless to say I was really pi**ed off and rode up next to him with the intent of giving him a courteous reminder of a bike's saftey space, when low and behold a police car drifts up along side both of us then activating the lights.

    We all pulled over, one nice police officer walked up to me and said, we saw what 'happened mate', and just took some details. Whilst the cager was a bit up in arms, with the second officer barking and booking him :p

    Great to see we get some defense from time to time \:D/
  2. that's awesome mate, glad to hear that sometimes cops actually want to help!
  3. That's great news, bet he thinks twice next time :grin:
  4. :applause:

    it's nice to have a bit of support now and then!
  5. How many times have you been out on the road and seen something happen and you say "I wish there was a copper here to see that"
    heh heh
    This time there was.
  6. hehe how good is that. wonder what nuances the coopers are going to throw at him.

    Tatslotto ticket time for you ay bro? :LOL:
  7. Just hope the fine was more than the cost of replacing one of his mirrors ;)
  8. Give that officer a round of applause.
  9. Guess they'd get him for incorrectly changing lanes? Or if they were very irritated, dangerous driving?
  10. & give that idiot driver the clap.
  11. That's why we need more police on the road...it's not speed that kills but idiots.
  12. yeah, if only i had a tag along police officer with me at all times... many many people would be booked for stupid stuff...

    ... on second thoughts... make that some of the time... the rest of the time is "hoon time" :D
  13. i <3 happy endings
  14. Yeah... I wish I had the power to book people... I don't want to be a cop because I'd hate to deal with all the other shit they have to deal with, but I sure wish I could hand out tickets for traffic offenses!
  15. See, we aren't all that bad afterall.
  16. hey Tweet, don't suppose you've collected any other stories of 'motorbike justice' over the years you were in the force..?
  17. +10
  18. No, he will just check his blind spots first. :cry: