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Boys and girls with their toys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Warmbourbon, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. one of my mates at work offered me and my family a Yamaha pee wee 50 for the kids to play on, just cleaned the bike and went over it to see if it is ok, the boys, DJ 9yo and Darcy 6yo, couldn't wait to ride the little 50, (mind you they haven't ridden any sort of motor bike at all) after a safety run down and familiarization they took to it like a duck to water, grin factor ear to ear for both of them, cant wait to see were they will go with it.

  2. Good show, get it into em young i say. Have a go of the pee wee yourself, show the kids how its done :D Be careful, they have a nasty tendency to come out from underneath you if your not careful, its not a big distance to fall but by geez it hurts :D
  3. Are you speaking for experience frickendevil??? I've done that but didn't fall off though. the kids probably wont let me near it since they will be on the 50 all the time, and a good way to get them to do their chores.
  4. Lucky little duckies :grin:

    Hope they have a blast :cool: And probably not much hope for the chores......... they'll never be off the bike :wink:
  5. Pfft, they'll just have to learn how to do their chores whilst riding it then.
  6. You'll have to buy a second one, i can see visious fights, "i wanna ride it first" "no I'm riding it first"...

  7. ... straight into a fence is pretty standard procedure for a kid on a new Peewee50 ;)
  8. +1
  9. It won't be long before they ride like this:

  10. Oh my god how cool would that be
    they start riding like that, they will riding better than me and bundie girl
    the youngest one has already had an off but he got straight back on and still having fun.
  11. second day out riding the eldest boy is going flat out and jumping the little bike over a small crest, elbows all the way up just like the pros, locking the back wheel to get around corners, oh my god i have created a monster, mind you though second time on a motor bike i am so proud. :grin: :grin:
  12. good to see the little people gettin into it, when i have kids they'll be riding when they can
  13. Sounds like everyone is happy, a win/win situation.

    Be warned though Warmbourbon, it becomes expensive! :LOL:

    Our boys have all ridden since they could walk and I would hate to add up how many bikes they have had over the years...they outgrow them as quick as their shoes :?
  14. got one question... how do they keep their heads up?
  15. Broad shoulders run in the family.

    Thanks for the good news cruisingal,i told him to get them a pony... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. One good thing though Bundy, they don't need any attention when they are parked up :wink:
  17. [​IMG]



    Yellow cag cost me $2000 to build & the red one still too big for them
    so mum rides. :grin:
  18. orsom little bikes MG you would have to join a club wouldn't you???
  19. who wants a pony when you can have bike hay cruisingal, no poop to slip on. They park the bike in the shed until next time and just feedit oil and petrol :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Yeh mate, I was, but no longer a Member. Thats where I first knew & met
    Doit (former Mod here) & Raz (current NR member)

    I quickly lost interest when they were banned from the roads, & more
    so when I go my bike learners simply because I could no longer ride
    em on public roads. Used to ride the 3km to work on one & park it next
    to my desk. :LOL:

    You can still go to the tracks but it costs more if youre not a member.
    We got a 15km bike track near home so thats where we go when we

    Kids love em.