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Boycott these retailers

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman, Target, House, Borders and Angus Robertson

    A group of Australian retailers wants the government to level the playing field by charging foreign retailers the GST on cheaper goods or, alternatively, scrapping it for everyone.
    At the moment no GST is imposed on goods bought from international websites for less than $1,000.
    The campaign, backed by Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman, Target, House, Borders and Angus Robertson among others, began on Tuesday with full-page newspaper advertisements.


    Shareholders will soon walk from these retailers and are now demanding the government to allow them to keep ripping us off, makes me sick, bastards
  2. I laughed very hard when I read about this; what, they think we'll suddenly pay their exorbitant prices because the overseas imports have to be paid with gst now? Oh noes! I'll only save 60% instead of 70...

    Why are these people's companys any different to Joe Blogg's? They should realise that they must be competitive else face the very real threat of bankruptcy. If you are no longer competitive, adjust or go broke.

    Not to mention, it costs more money to get the GST on purchases under $1,000 from overseas retailers than they recoup, that's why it was never put in place...

    Should really have a look at how cheap brand new cars are in the US and the UK. We get reamed hardcore. Best example was when we sold the locally produced Pontiac G8 (Identical to the VE Commodore sold here) in the US for 40% off the sticker price here.. We get raped by retailers so badly in Australia and now they're pissed off that we're buying elsewhere? Tough shit.
  3. Their next move would be to seek additional levies on international purchases to 'level the playing field'.
  4. It would most likely cost more to implement this then the revenue that would be raised from the tax.
  5. i dont really care since I buy all my stuff on ebay
  6. Govt must either recover tax monies from overseas merchants, or somehow "intercept" the transaction and scrape off their 10% as it happens.
    Either way I'm with Geeth: doesn't sound efficient.
  7. These pricks want a level playing field now FFS, what about all the small shops and family businesses who have been driven out by the bully boy tactics of these same big retailers.

    Don't cry those tears anywhere near me Harvey & Co. Suck it up, you're in a global market now.
  8. These retailers clearly fail to realise there's a reason why people are choosing to buy online, and it's not always about price (though I still struggle to understand how even books printed in Australia are cheaper to source through US online retailers than local ones). It's the crap customer service.

    My brother recently went to Harvey Norman to buy a video camera that was advertised in their catalogue, only to be told they didn't have any in stock but if he placed an order they would get one in. 6 weeks later it arrived, though it was 7 weeks before he got it because no-one in the store bothered to phone and tell him it had arrived :roll:.

    The other problem would be the difficulty in enforcing it, especially given how many Chinese sellers mark everything as a "sample" with "no commercial value". Surely customs is busy enough without having to waste their time chasing the 10% GST on something like a $10 memory card.

    Also funny to watch Gerry Harvey's scaremongering on the news, claiming that overseas retailers will cost everyone in the country their jobs. I think his battle with Kogan is starting to take its toll (or perhaps people are starting to read the fine print on Harvey Norman's "interest free" finance).
  9. Nope. Most of the products they sell are imported. Instead of additional levies (such as this GST smokescreen) the real pressure on Gvt will be to reduce/eliminate levies for businesses (import duties & GST - double & triple taxing) on purchases up to $1,000 to 'level the playing field'.

    From memory (and I'm going back a few years to when ships from China were not permitted to unload at UK docks), UK etc have/had limits on volume of goods that can be imported from certain regions so local market doesn't get flooded with foreign imports. I don't think Australia has such limits, was the situation that Aus exports were subject to higher standards of quality than imports.

    The last year has brought this into sharper focus as the dollar has been so strong against the greenback.

    Alternatively, could always try increasing size of domestic market I s'pose. Increased sales volume can reduce costs. UK has pop of nearly 62 mill, US 307 million. Australia nearly 22 mill. Baby bonus???
  10. What the retailers have failed to announce is that they purchase their products in the 1,000's at a cheaper rate than us online buyers pay for a single product. Tax or no tax.
    I sometimes buy locally but only when I get good service as well and service has nothing to do with import taxes. So retailers, lift your game!

    I'm happy to boycott unless its in my favour. Thats right, I'm the customer. I do not serve you....................
  11. Agree Dazzler. Small business hurts long before the big retailers start screaming.
    And small business can't compete with purchasing power of the majors so their product is often more expensive ... which is kinda interesting in view of public opinion towards majors as "ripping" people off given the majors have been continuously discounting (Australian majors are leading the way globally in terms of being continuously on 'sale').

    If the majors are seen as ripping people off, then how is small business with their higher prices (usually different product though) viewed?
  12. The really annoying thing is that these companies make so much profit, then they jack prices up to make MORE profit the next year!
    Banks do the same thing, "whaaa we made 5billion less profit this year than last year... We need to increase fees!" But the fact is, the still made profit - they just want MORE.
    Why can't companies be satisfied with ENOUGH? We generally have to be!
  13. Spot on Dazzler.

    Luckily I think an MP has already mentioned that it would only be considered for small retailers which would actually be a great thing in my opinion. Most small businesses rely on their superior knowledge of products to get sales, being able to match that with better prices would be of benefit to everyone. I've mentioned on other parts of this forum that I was happy to pay more for a camera (than from larger retailers or ebay) because I was given so much advice and assistance from the sales assistant, there simply isn't that level of knowledge available at larger retailers.

    The larger retailers have created this model and environment themselves, rather than adapt they are asking for favourable conditions to combat this new level of competition that is really only likely to hurt their sales while the aussie dollar is still strong. I would not believe though that the aussie dollar will be at this level for the med to long term yet I'm sure these retailers will cry poor again if this was repealed when the dollar drops. Bring it on for small businesses only and we will see a greater level of competition and all round increase in customer service and price savings for the consumer.
  14. I will quite happily pay the extra price at a specialist small business if it means better advice and service. For example, I'd rather buy a digital camera from a local camera store than from a large retailer with no knowledge of the product, or from an online store where you don't get the chance to test it.

    Of course there are those that go to a small retailer for advice then buy online, but I like to keep the small retailer in business so they're there the next time I need them (like my local homebrew shop).
  15. "Billionaire retailer Gerry Harvey" asked for.................
    poor man is doing it tough.
  16. Thank you - as an ebay based and web based business I appreciate this

    I have a big enough house to warehouse my goods in and really no need for staff for what I have, so I do it this way I keep my costs down and pass on the savings
  17. Agree 100% and this is the real truth on retail!

    These huge companies, petrol companies, banks are the worst offenders in ripping people off.
    They always have to increase thier bottom line or they cry poor!
    Their mentality goes something like this.
    Last year "we made 100 million gross profit"
    This year " was a bad year because we made 90 million gross profit, a drop of 10%"

    FFS : 90 mill not enough for you! Where it's probably due to increasing the CEO salary by 10 mill because he promised a 20% improvement that you believed!
  18. Hang on, they want us to stop buying cheap imported goods? Of course, that's their job! (And then mark it up exorbitantly) Oh, the irony.

    And another thing - these big retailers always go on about a free market and less government intervention blah blah blah. But as soon as something doesn't go their way it's: "the government must do something!" Oh, FFS.
  19. Australia post must be happy about all the online sales - increases post use for parcel delivery takes up the loss in the old snail mail letters that email killed off
  20. What CEO is worth $10,000,000-00 a year,

    That would employ a lot of extra people,

    Who just happen to be consumers as well,

    Their profit would go up with all the extra buyers,

    Even with an extra 10 % GST on online purchases, Its still only half the price of these big Greedy companys,

    If you can give a 70% off the price at sales, and still make a profit,

    Your a thief to start with.

    So dont cry poor to me.