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Boycott the cb250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pt, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. really isn't a review of a bike more of a whinge/warning.

    after getting my dads 1970s cb350 parallel twin out of storage i now know why my bike sucks soooo badly. because the only thing that has changed on my bike compared to the 70s version is the shape of things and a few minor updates. :shock:

    i know this is old news to everyone and i know that they are still reliable, reliable bikes. but all those learners out there riding one, or anyone riding one for that matter should really think about the other options. if it suits you down to the ground then fine. but anyone else who has a slight problem with one, go out searching for another bike. there is sooooooo much more out there that would suit you better and probably go faster :LOL:

    anyoen this is just pretty much a whinge. sorry for wasting your time. although at least now i know what to look for in a wrecker. late model cb250 parts :roll:
  2. Hey, that's just Honda using up an almost bottomless parts bin! As they build more and more the cost gets lower and lower, but because of inflation and CPI thay can charge more for them. What's wrong with that??? :p
  3. Why mess with perfection? :)
  4. perfection? i can make my bicycle more rider friendly and faster :shock:

    all this probably hinges on the fact that i'm too tall and my bike wasn't well looked after by it's first few owners :(
  5. You belong to the clan of worthy, unidentified millions who cut their teeth on Honda's greatest appliance; rejoice and revel in the fellowship...

    ...... and think about what fate would have befallen you had you been born in the 40s and had to learn and live with a leaky, unreliable, smelly, uncomfortable pommie clunker......
  6. Oh what the heck, I'll write a long-winded answer....
    If I was going to ask, "what is the essence of motorcycling?", what would you answer? Freedom? Speed? Thrill? Challenge? It can be all these things, but the correct answer is actually 'cheap transport!'. This is the correct answer in that it was the real goal behind creation of motorcycles; all the other stuff is something that got tacked on over the years.

    Now, CB250 might not be fast or handle particularly well, but it is a cheap reliable utility with no pretense to be anything other than a cheap reliable utility. And for that it has my respect.

    I am planning to get an ER-6 once budget permits, but I intend it to be my *second* bike; CB250 is going to stay, because it is perfect for what I need it for: cheap, reliable, low-key commuter.
  7. It's just a larger postie , they haven't changed since the 70's either
  8. at least the advertising would have me beleive i was riding a rocketship! :LOL:
  9. They may be cheap and reliable but bloody hell they are boring!!! :p
    I think i'd rather wear a jacket with elbow patches and socks pulled up to my knees.
    Hehe, sorry if i offended any CB owners out there! I actually used to own one myself, however it had a proper engine in it!! :LOL:
  10. Actually they have changed several times. The current CB250 is based on the CD250/CM250 motor which is different to the earlier CB250 motor which was a sleeved down version of the CB400 (twin) motor.

    The earlier version was a physically larger motor and the whole bike was heavier. The earlier CB250 had a dry weight of about 168kg and the current one is much lighter.

    Not any more exciting though ;)
  11. agreed :(
  12. i got the cbr 250 and it is grate for what it is
  13. They are like chalk and cheese.
    The CBR i would happily own again anyday.
    The CB, well, maybe if someone gave it to me. :p
  14. First bike was a fe year old CB200 in 1980 - only thing I could afford but a great L & P bike. Sure I wished I didn't get smoked by my mates RD250 and burn my clutch out trying to catch him :shock: but had some great fun and a few couple hundred km trips out of Sydney camping with the guys.

    Droped it a few times, couple other guys learned to ride on it and sold it for what I paid for it.

    Look at it as a mere stepping stone, you ain't gonna be on it forever :cool:

    Then you can tell the old man stories to the young 'uns :wink: :grin:
  15. Fair to say that the current CB250 is not the same bike it was 30 years ago. It's not new technology, but then most 250's aren't. You've got to remember it's not a racing bike. It does it's job, and it does it well. They're reliable, tough and easy as piss to maintain. It won't set any speed records but the low end performance is much better than sports 250's, making them ideal for city use, plus they handle well and are very forgiving so are ideal for learners.

    If you didn't have a problem with your bike before and only have one now because you've just realised it isn't the most technologically advanced super speed machine in the world, then you've probably just discovered you're a poser. Congratulations. :p

    I had a ball on my old 92 CB, especially in the twisties. Sure it lacks speed (although adequate for the freeway), but it's still a fun bike to lean over and scrape the pegs a bit. Despite it being basically a commuter, if you can't have a bit of fun riding it, you're riding it like a pussy. :p :LOL:
  16. the cb is my first bike and i got it cause it's learner friendly and all that stuff. never had another bike. i've taken my cb out to eastern creek for a ride day ffarkssake. but it's way overrated. it doesn't handle that well at all and it's not good for freeway riding (i weigh 75 kilos and i'm 6 foot). it has enough power to learn on but there are other learner bikes whose power delivery is smooth enough so that even though they have more pwer it's perfectly manageable. plus the cb is like incredibly low and small and i'm pretty long legged.
  17. I think CB250's aren't too bad. Nice, fun little bikes that would be very practical and easy to ride around town. The only problem i have with them is that they're seriously overpriced for what they are. I guess that's what you get when they've got such a good 'learner' reputation.

  18. The upside is that the reputation's well deserved and you get your money back when you upgrade. :)
  19. You couldn't be so sure you'd get your cash back with a cb.

    I doubt most new riders would bother with one given that most L platers I've seen lately have been on much nicer, newer bikes such as VTRs and wouldn't give a cb a second look. I even feel embarassed riding a GPX - but not for much longer thank k-rist, will be on a beautiful, newish CBR400 before April's over.