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Boycott Rays!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by es, May 14, 2006.

  1. Rays outdoors
    They refused to exchange on my thermals which had an obvious manufacturing fault.

    - You arent allowed to open the packet to check for faults
    - but once you leave the store its no refunds or exchanges (heath reasons) which i can understand but these hadnt been warn and they were cleaerly, in my professional opinion have worked in retail, a manufacturing fault.

    Legally speaking they MUST exchange or store credit for faulty manufacturing worn or not.

    AND while i was there, they did the same thing to a guy who was trying to exchange an expensive dry as a bone becuase the stitching was coming apart after one of two wears (the jacket looked to me as if it had never been warn)

    Rays suck!!!
  2. What they're doing is illegal esen. Go back in (w/ends are best cause they're busy) make your camplaint at a volume that can be heard by others and keep pushing until they exchange or refund. Make it very clear that you will not be moving from the counter until they do so.
  3. Well actually they could just ask you to leave, cause then if you don't then you are tresspassing... Maybe you should give consumer affairs or fair trading a call, and see what they have to say about it. They can usually tell you within a couple of minutes.

    If Ray's is in the wrong, they will also give them a call for you and give them a chance to get things straight before legal action is taken etc.

    I have been through all this before and am still going through it... I lovbe suing jacka$$es, which is what im doing at the moment.
  4. The items you have purchased are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty, you are entitled to repair/exchange or refund, but you dont get the choice of which.

    Rays outdoors is obligated to process the warranty claim for you as a part of their trading agreement with the supplier of the product.

    What they basically have to do is send the faulty item to an authorised repair agent or direct to the manufacturer for assesment. Once this is done a new or repaired set/item will be returned to Rays outdoors. You then collect the goods from Rays.

    Rays do not have to replace them. But the manufacturer sure does.
    If Rays are not doing the right thing by you, complain to Rays outdoors head office.
    All retailers that are seperately franchised have steering comittees and such that you can get in contact with and complain to.

    More than likely you will get a gift voucher for the amount you have spent, then you can replace them.

    If you still have no luck with Rays, you can always call the manufacturer of the thermals and discuss it with them. You will get a result somewhere down the line. Thats what the warranty is for.

    I make warranty claims for customers at work all the time, used to be my 9-5 job. Youll find most manufacturers do not like their customers getting upset because the store let them down at the time of the purchase/fault. They will certainly be very willing to make sure your looked after.
  5. As long as you're not agressive towards staff I hoghly doubt they will bring in the cops to remove you for trespassing in front of other customers who know why you're there. Especially if they realise that they'll simply end up dealing with consumer affairs instead.

    Remember to take a pad and pen to note the names of the staff you speak to and what they say. This will be handy for CC and it will give the staff good cause for concern. If a staff member has to make the choice of telling CC they refused to give a refund as required by law by their own decision or at the direction of their boss it'll cost their job. That might be just enough motivation to do the right thing.
  6. www.notgoodenough.org

    Pretty good for getting stuck in to dumbarse companies that treat people like crap.

    I'd take this one all the way. What they are doing is illegal. If the item is faulty, they need to replace it, health reasons my arse!

    If they are clearly faulty then they cannot resell the items and therefore that argument is useless.

    Go back during the week when the droid that is paid enough to be yelled at is there and let them know how stupid the weekend staff are.
  7. that's crap dude i think the rays you went to must have dodgy employees as the rays near me lets you try thermals on and in doing so check the quality (or at least no-one asked questions when i grabbed them and chucked them on in the change room.)

    which store was it?
  8. I'm with Vic on this one. Try and go back in during the week and talk to the full timers who are paid enough to yell at and let them know the story. If you get the same service still, keep your cool, go home and call consumer affairs or fair trading and explain the situation. They will ring up the business and inform them that what they are doing is illegal. They will most likely to you also that if they still refuse to co-operate, then call them back and they will take some action against the company.

    Good luck with it!
  9. Consumer Affairs have alot of info available regarding laws pertaining to refund/exchange rights and obligations.

  10. hey eswen if u want to get some nice thermals there is a place in greensy shopping centre that sells great thermal and camping gear thats where i got my stuff and the dude there is very helpful
    give me a holla if u want to get some

    :grin: :grin:
  11. Happened to me.
    Firts thing is I made sure I took the person's name then asked to speak to the store manager.
    I thyen turned to the next customer and told them what happened and they don't honour refund/exchange policy which is a breach of the trade practices act.
    The customer left their item and left.
    When the manager came I raised quite a ruckuss in front of other customers telling her straight out they were in breach of the trade practices act and that I would be referring them onto the department of fair trading if they did not exchange my item.
    "I understand how you feel" was the last straw and said that I would be parking myself on their counter and would not budge until they obeyed the laws and if they called the police I'd take it to the media.
    Amazing what can happen as I got a refund and 4 of the 6 customers also left the store after depositing their goods on the counter.
  12. This sounds like strange and out-of-character behaviour for you, smee :p
  13. You don't know me from a bar of soap. and you cannot judge a person by just posting on an internet forum.
    If I know for sure I'm in the right and I'm aware of my rights I will fight tooth and nail for them.

    Tell me Paul what would you do?
  14. I feel that the cost of my time will far outweigh the benifits so Id rather just bad mouth them.
    The thermals were 3 for $45, or $15 each; Ill just never go there again.
    I did talk to the manager but he backed up the employee saying "no its no a manufacturing fault youre wrong its not our problem you could have done the damage yourself" (its a weak point in the fabric & bad stitching... how the fcuk can i do that damage?)
    I just grabbed my stuff and walked out, I had a tight deadline to get to ballart in, so didnt have time to argue then.
  15. hey smee, calm down, didn't you see the razz, I was joking :LOL:

    I categorically agree with what you did, and in the same situation I'd hope to have the courage to do the same thing (although I DID tell some noisy neighbours to turn off their infernal music at 2:30am this morning! And THEY DID !!!)

    Go get 'em, eswen, the product appears to warranted by the manufacturer and the re-seller is obligated by his re-seller agreement to honour the manufacturer's warranty.....
  16. If you are sold goods that are defective, ie are not of "merchantable quality", you are entitled to a refund by law. End of story.

    That is quite separate from the issue of any manufacturer's warranty.

    Definitely one for Fair Trading, if they're not prepared to meet their legal obligations.
  17. Unfortunately that's what they count on. Too many people look at it as being all too hard.

    So your time is more valuable than your principles?
  18. hit it right on the head.

    Fight anything, no matter how small or trivial you might think it is, cos if you dont they win. and they want all of us to think "oh its not worth it".

    how many of you just pay the fine?

    fight it.

    9 times out of 10 you can win, but if you dont fight you cant win. 90%(not quoted) of fines have faults in there writing,issueing,or fact of law. if you just pay them your throwing your hard earned cash away. if you fight them ,you can win them thus not bowing to the government that works on the theory, its ok they will pay cos it is too hard to fight. HOW WRONG THEY ARE PEOPLE. I fight them all, some I have lost the majority I have won. and for the cost it cost to defend myself was far cheeper than paying the fine, saving myself a lot of my hard earned dollars.
  19. Not going to Rays anymore :eek:

    Troy, whats the name of the place you were talking about for Thermals?? I wana get another couple of pairs!!
  20. Wise words Bikie, I will always write a quick letter for camera speeding fines, parking fines etc, got out of the last 3 parking fines, and 1 of 3 speeding fines, (77kph in a 70 zone) .... It only cost you 15 minutes at the PC and a stamp.

    Write one letter, address it to the Rays branch you bought your thermals from, the manufacturer, the importer and to Rays Head Office, tell them your part of a large riding communitee (no names) and explain how much the cost of not replacing the thermals could hurt their reputation.

    Nothing to lose except 4 stamps.