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Boy struck by motorcycle dies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/boy-hit-by-motorcycle-dies/2006/06/23/1150845350697.html

    Boy struck by motorcycle dies
    June 23, 2006 - 10:25AM

    An 11-year-old Victorian boy is dead after he was struck by a motorbike as he tried to cross a major road on his bicycle.

    Two cars also slammed into each other as a result of the accident, which happened about 5.40pm (AEST) yesterday at Drouin, east of Melbourne.

    Police say the boy had been riding his bike against the flow of traffic on the verge of Princes Way, formerly the Princes Highway.

    "The boy was crossing a carriageway when he collided with the oncoming motorbike," Victoria Police spokeswoman Marika Fengler said today.

    The 45-year-old motorbike rider, from Warragul, came to a stop further up the road and then returned to the scene.

    A car swerving to avoid the motorbike then flipped onto its side and hit another car, causing the second car to spin around, Ms Fengler said.

    The female driver of the flipped car was trapped for a short while before being freed by emergency workers.

    Other occupants of the two cars, and the motorbike rider, were not seriously injured.

    "The boy was taken to the West Gippsland Hospital where he later died," Ms Fengler said.

    The death takes Victoria's road toll to 150, 28 fewer than at the same time last year.
  2. Bugger, you have to hate that :( now i know what all the cops and ambos were doing at the freeway entrance, damb funny place to cross the road.
  3. Never nice when a kid gets taken out. Poor little bugger.

    I imagine the motorcyclist is feeling pretty crappy right about now, even though it presumeably wasn't his fault.
  4. Poor kid and his family. Imagine losing your son to something like that.

    I also bet the motorcyclist feels like crap. Imagine hitting a kid while riding and having the poor boy die. I'd feel so guilty.

    My heart goes out to everyone involved.
  5. Very tragic. Still, have to wonder what an 11yo boy was doing on a highway onramp. Poor kid.
  6. No one to blame but the childs parents.
    Nothing will happen though.
    In my mind they directly contributed to their sons death by not properly supervising him.
  7. Very sad set of circumstances.

    The child shouldnt have been on the freeway, but sometimes young kids dont fully understand the danger of their actions.

    I could imagine it is going to be hard for that man to get back on a motorbike again, or ride again at all. Very psychologically damaging.
  8. Or teaching him that highways are a bad place to ride a bicycle
  9. This struck a chord with me and reminded me of an incident that nearly happened to us while driving a car over in San Francisco.

    I don't know why, but for some reason two parents and their two kids were trying to cross a freeway on ramp that connected an 85kph thoroughfare to a ~110kph freeway. My wife was driving towards the on-ramp, just start to accelerate to get up to freeway speed, and the parents and kids are approaching the curb, about 5 meters away from it.

    Suddenly one of their girls, about 10-12yo, starts running for the road edge as we're about 50m away from her, and doing maybe 95-100kph by this time. She stops at the curb, presumably obeying the screaming from her distraught parents behind, and then to my total horror she starts to bolt across the on-ramp at the absolute worst possible moment as we're about 20m away from her. I mean that the girl could not have lined herself up better to throw herself right in middle-front of the car if she had tried, with my wife having absolutely zero reaction time. Wife and I could now hear both parents screaming insanely and the girl stops just in time to avoid being collected by our car. Probably would've missed hitting her at about 70kph by perhaps 10cm.

    The point being that even at age 12 there are plenty of children who simply don't have the faculties to even accurately judge car speeds, or put caution ahead of chance. I think that some parents put a little too much to chance in trusting that their kids can adequately negotiate high traffic speed scenarios on foot.

    The above news story reminds me of that little boy who got hit and killed out Marysville way running across the road to and from his father's road-side cherry stall.

    Children and high speed traffic (>50kph) simply don't mix.
  10. Why do we need to point fingers and lay blame.

    It was a tragic set of circumstances.

    A rider was involved in a collision that took the life of a young boy.

    2 other cars were trashed and more people hurt.

    Fault, shmolt, RIP little dude :(
  11. Not nice at all I feel sorry for all involved. But I gotta say what the fcuk was he doing there in the first place, sorry but I blame the parents as an 11 year old should not be allowed to ride on a freeway because of lack of supervision :(
  12. Because if blame isn't assigned and the responsible party punished, it'll just continue to happen. Parents need to be held responsible for the actions of their child.
    However due to the amount of white trash pumping out kids these days, it's only going to get worse.
  13. Are you a parent?
  14. You really have little to no clue, do you?

    As a parent you try to instill some common sense into your children and teach them about the dangers of various things. But short of locking them up inside on the X-Box all day, every day, they are going to go out and make their own choices. The majority of parents hope like hell that their kids are careful and sensible. But kids will be kids.

    Unfortunately in this kid's case it appears he made a very bad choice and died. That isn't enough punishment for him or his family?
  15. Not only is he not a parent, but he's completely out of touch on many subjects he opens his trap on. Yet he still feels qualified to make inane statements and treat them as fact.
  16. No and I dont need to be to know that there is noway my boy would be on a freeway. I looked after my 5 and 8 year old nieces for 2 months while their mum was in Hospital so I know what your getting at and in my book a bit more discipline and it might not have happened. I still feel sorry for the parents as no one should have to go through the loss of a child as I have experienced this with a close friend who lost his 15 year old in a car accident. Harsh as it may be thats my opion
  17. the old Highway NOT the Freeway, by what i saw the kid may have been crossing the on ramp, or was ridding under the overpass where the verge is very narrow. whatever happened very tragic, he's probably ridden along there heaps of times. you can point the finger at lack of lighting, no lights on bike (not sure though) parents, him being 11, the motorcyclist riding to close to the verge, whatever, half hour earlier or 3 months either side and it would have been daylight and may be not a problem. we dont now the facts.
  18. Like I said my opion to which I am entilteled. So just because I blamed them its a fact is it. Sorry dale your the one who talks through your rear end and gets shirty just because someones opion is different to yours. Please tell which other subjects I am out of touch on according to the almighty. As stated many times before this is a public forum with differing opions so if mine are so wrong according to you all the time then its simple just dont read them then your delicate sensabilities wont be upset
  19. I think it's just a case of being in the wrong time at the wrong place.
    99% of lil boys will do silly things no matter how well they have been reared.
  20. I feel for the boys parents. and also for that rider. To have to live with the idea that youve hit a child.

    This sort of situation hurts everyone. Never just the physical pain.

    I am a father, I have one lovely daughter, and no she doesnt go outside the front of my house without supervision. She is eight. She has a great sense of danger and understanding when a situation is dangerous. Especially for her age. But I still go out with her. There is just too many situations or circumstances that are beyond her control.