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Boy has scooter robbed in riot attack

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AznCruiser, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Violent footage has emerged of a young learner driver being pulled off his scooter by thieves during last week's London riots.

    A video posted on YouTube shows the man weaving through a Croydon street swarming with pedestrians when two men come running after him from behind.

    One man grabs hold of the scooter’s handlebars, causing the vehicle and driver to topple to the ground.

    As he struggles to recover from the fall, a man drags him by his backpack away from the vehicle, while another youth in a grey jacket steals his moped.

    The thief crashes the scooter several metres ahead, and its young owner can be seen running desperately towards him to reclaim it.

    But the robber quickly mounts the vehicle and manages to make a quick getaway in the opposite direction.

    The video was posted on YouTube on August 10.
  2. Shoulda been riding a real bike.
  3. Lol bloody scumbags. If he had a real bike he could've just held it on the back wheel at the crowd.