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Boxter v ZX9

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GoTeam, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. This is just some passing comments. I went down the GOR on Thu and Fri. It was a nice trip but on 4 wheels and a/c. There were a lot of bikes out on Fri and some were pulled up by the police around Apollo Bay. Anyway, three things stuck out on my trip on Friday. The first was the group who passed me on the western side of the range before you get to Apollo Bay. They did it the way I'd expect - the safest way. They shot past when there was a clear enough run for them to do so and they didn't stay too close to me when going past. Full marks for the four of them. They were gone in a flash too.

    The ones who didn't do it too safely included the guy who was leaning over the double lines when on the inside wheel path on the GOR between Lorne and Apollo Bay. The road was a little narrower in that section with the cliff face on my left (I was heading back towards Melb) and some debris/fallen rocks right on the edge line. If I'd taken the corner like the guy in the old Magna behind me usually was then that bike rider would have pooped his pants. Leaning over the double lines isn't the smartest path on a tight corner which went about 135 degrees all the way around.

    The other thing was the guy who overtook and chugged on the overtaking. I was on the brakes because I didn't want a closer call. The bike rider obviously didn't care because he didn't speed up. He was on my side of the road and I don't think I would have taken the option to plough my gfs side of the car into the cliff face to let him come out unscathed should it have come to that. I think he should have overtaken faster than that if he was going to do it where he did. His was on something bigger than a 250.

    The last was the Boxster driver who thinks that he can weave through traffic like the squids on the ZX9s. This was on the highway about 5km short of the Westgate bridge. One rider gave up because the Porsche driver was too aggressive and the other kept going with the Porsche in persuit. -1 for the Porsche driver. There was no need for that.

    There's a squillion and one flies out on the coastline so anyone heading out that way should take some sort of repellent.
  2. sounds like you need repellant for some of the drivers and riders too!
  3. QUICK, the Mortein :LOL:.
  4. I do tend to smell of decaying goat flesh marinating in vomit but still.... that's a lot of flies.
  5. pffft. thats shit all flies.

    tissue? :p

    good method to get em away when ur having a break off the bike, dump ur sweaty smelly jacket right near u, but not on you. most of the flies near u will land on the jacket, and feast on the bugs and fly :)lol:) guts u aqquired from the ride so far :)
  6. back to original thread title,

    if there were robot-motorcycles in the new Transformers sequel, and Porsche managed to outbid GM and Kawasaki outbid Aprilia for the product-placements, who would win?

    ps, the boxster is yellow. ick. and the zx is green. these details matter.
  7. that's my racing-stripe. Makes me faster.