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NSW Box of Random Crap mainly cabling and computer stuff

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by ad91on, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. I want it gone, it has been haunting me for too long.

    Inside this box, you will find:

    Lots of wires and crap
    Old keyboard, mouse, graphics cards, USB cards, webcam, bunch of other computer crap
    All sorts of computer cabling, ethernet included
    There's an ipod dock and cable in there somewhere
    There's probably some other fairly worthwhile stuff in there i've forgotten about.

    I weighed it once, i think it weighs more than 10kgs. Could be worth scrap but i really don't care enough to bother with that crap.

    Just take it. I want it out!

    Don't bother asking me about the contents because it's been given away for free i don't really care for replying to people who ask, especially if this is you: "So um do u hav lik a usb charga dat fitz a nockia?" Seriously GTFO.

    This box of crap would suit a hoarder, amateur electrician or a masochist.

    Will swap for a Land Rover Defender Crew Cab with TD5 engine and cab-chassis body and substantial modifications for off-roading, or for another interesting, random, box of crap.

    Located near manly. Come get it... ladies.
  2. heeey bor can i cum rownd and hve a lk throo it/

    im lookun for a chromw tip for mu fully sik pipes on da comdoor and alzo a chevvvy baj cos mine fell off when i waz dryftin

    alzso wil the 1pod dock fit a samsung galaxee?
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  3. Damn, mine's the Tdi so I can;t help you !!!
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  4. will you take a troop carrier??
  5. See you can;t even GIVE those away !
  6. Your post reminded me of "the great internet migratory box of electronic junk".. http://tgimboej.org/

    Maybe you could start a new one in Aus :)
  7. hehe thats fantastic
  8. maybe i can get my dremel up and running again
  9. Hmm, it does remind me of that.

    I've actually had some very interesting responses to the ad on gumtree, my favourite being this one:

    To which i replied:

    to which she replied (if it is indeed a she)

    To which i replied

    To which she replied

    I am scared i am going to die this week.
  10. ^^ that's fantastic, you should marry that girl! If she's a girl....
  11. Want me to come over Wednesday night? I won't be helping to defend you or anything, but I would like to test out the flash on my new digital camera...
  12. #12 ad91on, Nov 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    I spose some evidence for what is likely to become a matter for the courts would be helpful....
  13. Can I ask, what was the last line of your ad that intrigued Bruce's friend?

    EDIT: Just re-read your post; sorry, I assume that's a verbatim copy of what went up on Gumtree.

    Good luck with the handover. I don't suppose there's any chance of a live web-cam feed of the proceedings? :)

    Oh, that's right, you're giving away the web-cam :)
  14. Dw bro, there's a webcam on my laptop and i'll also be recording audio with my nice 90's voice recorder - it even has a real life tape in it! I deemed it of significant historical value and couldn't bring myself to give it away.
  15. if you dare overwrite that tape i WILL murder you and your whole family
  16. So, Thursday morning and no word, either the handcuffs are still on or he's dead.....
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  17. Bahahahha.

    Unfortunately i couldn't be home for the "pick up" so there was no kinky sex romp as anticipated.

    So the box is no longer available... very sorry.
  18. soft...
  19. That's it! With all that build up and that's it? Geez, what a way to disappoint all us folk on the interweb. ;)
  20. ..yeah!!.... he probably was!!....

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