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Box Hill Driving,

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mokilok, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Just thought I'd share two events, one personally happened to me the other I saw.

    The first one was Riding in Box hill through the intersection of Station St and Whitehorse Rd (if you know box hill then you know this intersection, it's horrible).

    When moving through this intersection a soccer mum in a 4wd decided she wanted my lan (she was driving next to me) so she decided to push me out of the way not even realising I was next to her. I was pushed into a lan of Oncoming traffic (leading the charge of oncoming traffic was a bus). I VERY narrowly escaped by slamming on my breaks and pulling in behind her.

    I followed her angrily holding down my horn hoping to get the attention of the nearby policy station we were passing by this point but nobody noticed, or cared and she certainly didn't even notice me right behind her honking.

    A few minutes later when I was in a different lane to her again she decided to attempt to repeat the process luckily there was no oncoming traffic this time and I simply moved away from her.

    The second event I was pulling up to a set of lights with about four cars infront of me and a bike infront of that, I noticed him infront of the traffic because I was admiring the bike. Once we had all stopped at the lights from where I was stopped it simply looked like there was a gap at the lights because you obviously couldnt see the bike from far back.

    At this point a Van in a rush decided to 'cut the queue' by rushing infront of everyone and stealing the spot. So speeding in at about 60kph and slamming on his breaks to cut the line he rammed the stopped bike and threw the rider off towards the nearby traffic lights.

    Luckily he was okay but drivers like this who just don't care enough to look around them should have their license taken off them.
  2. So you learnt that drivers don't look for motorcycles...they only see cars, because THAT is what driving trains them to do.
    Note, if you are beside a car, they will check their inside and rh wing mirrors, and not see you, because you are'nt IN their mirrors, and they happily move over.
    You have to sit a little forward of their door to be seen by them.

    As for the van - retarded! Hope you gave him a mouthful and left your details as a witness for the other biker.

    Good that YOU, were paying attention. Well done, mate :)
  3. Maybe read up on roadcraft and learn how to control your space. Beside a car is not the place to be. Actually had a car in front of me merge on another car this morning. Couldn't even see each other. Blew my horn as I thought they would crash right in front of me and they managed to just avoid each other.
    This guy is good to read on roadcraft
  4. 4wd was next to you which means YOU were invisible, learn to eliminate blind spots.

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  5. Ah, box hill. I play sport around that precinct and my ex lived just up from that intersection.

    It is a horrendous area in terms of driving skills and requires concentration regardless of form of transport you are taking. Even on 2 legs.

    The favourite move that people seem to be pulling on me lately is me in left lane, them in right lane. They want to move to left lane, so no worries, let them move across, but then they immediately jump on brakes to turn left into a side street or carpark within 30m...

    Shits me every time as it catches me out (and its quite cheeky after I have just let them in).

    Just something personal, I try not to view it as a drivers vs bikes thing when on the road. I try to make things for them easier and a majority of the time they either don't consciously notice but see me, or will say thanks in some form. There are of course a minority of the neurologically challeneged. Just happens to be more drivers than riders who are this way, but I believe that is simply because I come across significantly more drivers.
  6. sunday arvo, heading to torquay on the western ring road where it meets the princess hwy headiong to geelong, me n missus in a VZ commodore, were almost run into by a blind woman driivng a pissy little barina. Blind drivers are blind!! If I were on a bike at the time, I reckon big chance of SPLAT, she had no idea at all..
  7. IMO it's not about cars vs bikes. it's fuckwits vs lesser ****wits :p but seriously, i've had many a problem with other road users before i even had a bike. It just prepared me knowing that if some dipstick can't see a 4 door automobile beside them, how the hell are they gonna see a bike?

    one of my favourite perks about being on a bike is that you can really give to some prick ride at their face, and piss off without them being able to move. I've often done this in defence of other cagers getting screwed around by deadshtis
  8. Good old box hill. Not sure what it is about that area, but the driving standard seems to drop a fair bit (and for a few of the surronding areas as well).
  9. I know what it is about that area.... but it wouldn't be the nicest thing to say...
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  10. Read my mind.......
  11. is it like springvale?
  12. Possibly :p
  13. Asian drivers just can't drive? I can say it :)
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  14. I can say it too (although not Asian). If you migrated to this country from a country without a history of driving culture you will likely be a shit driver. And just to ensure this doesn't turn into a race debate my Scottish family have the exact same problem. Shocking drivers because they didn't grow up with cars because they couldn't afford them and no one ever taught them good habits. I wouldn't ride by bike near my Scottish family.
  15. Hence why I would be in favour of 5 yearly driving tests.

    You just produced the best reason.
  16. I was trying to be a little bit PC, turns out there was no real need.


    Moving on.
  17. Bring it on I say and while we're at it, why not raise the standard a little bit every year or two.
  18. I think you all missed the point, the rider was in the blind spot and his roadcraft needs fixing. Although the driver is not blameless it's up to the RIDER to eliminate the risks.
  19. I don't want to sound like a racist, but there are a lot of Asians in that area and some have questionable driving skills. But I agree with adprom, stay clear of cars as much as possible and expect the worst most of the time.