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NSW Bowral to Newcastle

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Brodie440, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. may be far fetched but I just purchased a new street triple 660 from Brisans in new castle and I'm located in Bowral.
    If anyone is heading into new castle through the southern highlands or surrounding areas I would appreciate if I could tag along either pillion or passenger. Will contribute to petrol of course, just need a way down there. Should be able to figure my way back haha ;)

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  2. Andrew WestAndrew West does jack all these days ;)

    Maybe he can transition down to Bowral and then to Newcastle with you ;)
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  3. Not sure if satire hahaha
    Just want to spare myself 350 for freight because I'm already financing a shoei helmet on top of the bike
  4. Seriously, you'd be best of taking the train....
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  5. It's a 7 hour train ride and catching a plane is the same price as freight, I'm in a pickle
  6. It was a bit, but you never know, he was free today IIRC.

    7hrs on the train seems... horrible :(
  7. Hitch hike?? I am sure a lonely truckie would enjoy a chat.
  8. Get them to transport it to you?
  9. 5 hour trip bowral to broad meadow station according to timetable.
  10. Long shot and a Bit late, but if you can get to Riverwood by 6 am in the morning I can give you a seat in a car to Newcastle*

    But done it hundreds of times - the train ain't too bad

    *F'ing slow old car towing a big ass boat - but still quicker than our trains ;)
  11. I ended up getting it transported to a local dealer free of charge, thanks anyway dude you're a legend :)
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  12. Nice purchase mate. Those Striples are apparently a good thing. Chuck a pic up when you get it home.
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  13. Good stuff, I might see your triple hooning around Bowral!
  14. I will ride it to Bowral for you, no responsibilty for it getting dirty though. but I am expensive,
    Be cheaper for you to get the train.:D
  15. so dude, when does it arrive?
  16. we want details and pics
  17. SoonTM, we had some last minute finance issues with the bank once I put the final deposit on. I made a loan on a friends behalf with a bad credit rating when I turned 18 to get them out of trouble and they're being dicky about it. Will update ASAP, may have to settle for the 2016 MT 03 if the bank keeps being cocky.
  18. yeah that's a shame. I've worked in finance for over 20 years so I won't tell you why what you did back then was a terrible idea, I guess you've worked that out now.

    hope it all sorts itself out.