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Bow case for motorbikes?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DemstarAus, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Hello All,

    Firstly I wasn't sure if this should go into Mods or not.
    I'm wondering if there are any other archers among us and if so, have you ever taken your bow with you/how do you transport it?
    I have a takedown recurve and I know there are hard foam-insert cases you can get much like a hard case for a compound bow. How would one go about adapting it to a rack?
    My ideal set up would to have say a Ventura rack with a top case large enough to fit a helmet and then a bow rack mounted as a pannier. Possibly a quiver mounted to the other side.
    The key would be to make sure that the side racks are also still usable for pannier luggage when the bow & quiver are off.
    Thinking out loud here, looking for your suggestions etc.

    (^_^) Thanks

  2. I saw one rider last weekend that had a ventura rack / bag and on both sides an arrow tube facing upwards and tilted back. Recurve bow was tucked into ventura bag with a portion sticking out. Not exactly the way I would be transporting my bow......

    I'm looking for a picture of my wife's bowcase - small rectangular with foam inserts i cut for her recurve parts. If you drill some holes in it I'm sure you could make a bracket you could use to screw it onto the side of the ventura rack upright.

    (two or three rivnut type nuts in the bowcase - drill holes through the ventura rack upright and have some wingnut bolts you use to tighten it to the rack.)
  3. The bow cases I've seen would mount straight onto a rack. after that it's up to you rimagination and you fabrication skills.
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    My quiver is exactly like this:


    I'm thinking I could use some large U-brackets (whatever you call them, the things they use to fix PVC gutter pipe to walls) and attach it to a pannier rack via some kind of extra bit of metal.

    This type of case I prefer, as I like the military cargo style:


    I was talking to a coworker yesterday about drilling the racks. Is waterproofing a concern when you have to fix racks/brackets to the frame?
  5. If you use a similiar bowcase as above you might be able to get away only strapping it in place with a few andy strapz?
  6. No it is not, racks like Ventura etc. are designed for that particular bike, and will use existing mounting points/bolts already on the bike.

    Same goes for brands like Mototech.

    I would look at getting one of the recurve backpacks or similar, and then just secure that to the rack or the rear seat of the bike. Something like this:
  7. Could you get a bracket made to sit where a pannier would be so the case can slip inside it, not keen on drilling holes in a case like that
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  8. You'd look pretty badass with one of these!

    I'm looking for a way to transport my bow and equipment on my push bike, reckon I'd get some funny looks with this

  9. Yeah it would be much easier to transport a compound bow, but with my recurve measuring about 170cm long, and Demstar's measuring in at about 165cm, it would be a bit too wide me thinks...

    That is why a case/bag with it taken down will be a more suitable option.
  10. Will it fit in a travel pack? I have a 90 litre back pack that's good for carrying biggish things on the bike.
  11. Mate i think your drawing a long bow;)
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  13. OK guy, maybe you can help me out with something. My daughter and I did an introduction day up at penant hils and we wanted to take it further. I tried to contact Liverpool, which is our closest club, but they failed to respond to 2 emails. I was thinking of just going over to moorebank, but I found the lack of responce a bit rude.

    Any club advise for Sydney?
  14. Archery clubs are often run by folks in their spare time so they can be slow at getting back to emails. I'd go to the club on a saturday morning and just introduce yourselves and have a bit of a chat to the members there.

    I think liverpool is a pretty busy club? Don't take offence at their lack of response. Most clubs are very friendly. I learned to shoot at northern archers many years ago when i was a kid and they were fantastic. Very helpful and spent lots of time showing me the ropes for free.

    Hopefully you can get that from Liverpool
  15. Clubs are usually run by volunteers and are notoriously hard to get a hold of.
    Unfortunately most of them are part of the ABA which is why I'm not a member of any.
  16. A badass charged with weapons offences.

    57 Particular conduct involving a weapon in a public place prohibited
    (1) In this section—weapon includes—(a) an antique firearm, spear gun, longbow or sword; and (b) a replica of a weapon; and (c) a replica of a thing mentioned in paragraph (a); and (d) a slingshot or shanghai.
    (2) A person must not, without reasonable excuse, carry a weapon exposed to view in a public place.
    Maximum penalty—40 penalty units or 6 months imprisonment.

    Link: Weapons Act 1990

  17. The item pictured is not listed in part 1 of that. Is that an exhaustive list of things covered? I cannot see any refrence to a bow, outside of 'Longbow' and the class M 'Crossbow'. I had a quick look at the act and could not spot anything
  18. (Non-crossbow) compound bows do not meet the definition of "weapon" in the Qld Weapons Act except for the expanded definition set out in section 57 noted above.

    The basic carry rule is pretty simple - keep your bow in a case when in public. Stick a compound bow in a case of some sort and you can carry it pretty much anywhere outside of security areas. By carrying a compound bow without a case in a public area you are not necessarily breaking the law, but you are looking for trouble, hence the "A badass charged with weapons offences" comment, and it is likely that your search for trouble will be rewarded. Whether or not you get grief as a result of having an uncased bow in public will depend upon a number of factors, but the main ones would be where, exactly, you are, what exactly you do with the bow and yourself while in that area; and the attitude of any police or public who see the bow.

    For example:
    Walk the 4 metres from your car into the local archery store with an unbagged bow and you will almost certainly have no problem at all. I still recommend a case though.

    spend an afternoon at the local pub getting a skin full, then decide to go outside to your car and return to show your new drinking buddy your uber-cool compound bow and you are almost certain to get some grief.

    Draw back the bow and point it at someone - even without being in possession of an arrow, and you will probably find yourself listening to a Magistrate imposing a fine or some other minor sentence, and describing how you are a foolish and irresponsible young man. Do it with an arrow nocked and you could well spend a bit of time inside the big house, exploring alternate sexualities.

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  19. It was just a joke champ....