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'bout time I said Hello to you

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tankgirl, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Time to say Hello to Y'all :dance: (no wavey icon, so I'll just do a little happy dance for you)

    Been getting the feel of the site - already got in trouble...so yeah...making friends :cheeky:
    On a few other offshore (bike) forums.

    Been around the bike 'scene' for, forever - but always the pillion, never the rider. :(
    So trying to correct that obvious "faux pas" on my side by enbracing the "never to late" adage. Or "too old" - I hope :-w

    Get you up to speed - bike household > Mine (VTR 250, unreg), 1 restoration job (my trump - will post project soon).
    His - his business. Moved to the hilly area 8 mths ago today.

    Got my Ls a few years ago, but was too much of scaredy cat to ride. (I don't drive or ride a pushy, even)
    So let it (L) lapse. Found this site - so with renewed courage, I plan to go again.
    Definitely looking for a mentor/s - really patient but encouraging one/s. I'm in Ferntree Gully, Vic

    Soooo, looking forward to getting to know some of you & meet up & one day ride with.

    :blah: :blah: :blah: I'm done :grin:
  2. Gday, welcome, what area are u in for mentoring?
  3. Hey, goz

    Sorry folks - I'm in Ferntree Gully, Vic

    Bit far???? :wink:
  4. nah not far at all, only 1000km :shock: :shock:
  5. pfft, I ride that far for a coffee on a Friday Night.

    Welcome tankgirl, nice to have you on board!
  6. #6 tankgirl, Jun 8, 2009
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    WOW! What do you do for a ....... :-w

    Cheers hornet - I'll try not to be too much trouble :wink:
  7. welcome tankgirl

    tell us about the trumpy, what year, model etc
  8. Hi tankgirl :)

    Welcome to NR lol
  9. Hi wizzard

    The trump's a 1936 L2/1 250
    Have pics in my "garage" don't know if that's viewable by others :?

    Hi there, Sirian Sun
    Nice to meet you
  10. welcome to NR :grin:

    now get movin an get ur learners :grin:

    LOL .
  11. Yes ma'am :grin:

    Bit constrained financially, but will get straight onto it when able. :)

    Note: sorry if I don't reply to welcomes - my Service Provider is trialing a new offer - Not Providing Service. So drops out a lot :mad:
  12. welcome!

    go get em, dont waste any more time not riding! :D
  13. Ooo! A feisty one :LOL:

    Thanks enigma, just need a dosh infusion :cool:
  14. Welcome Aboard TG !!!!
  15. The Trumpy has still got a bit to do I see, but the mill and silencer are looking good.

    Plenty of hours of fun to be had there.
    Nice to see some people still appreciate the real Trumpys
    good luck with it
  16. welcome to the forums!
    you're at least 5 minutes ride from my place :LOL:
    if you ever want to go for a ride give me a PM :)
    also, try and come along to a Tues Night Coffee, meet some more Eastsiders :grin:
  17. Make sure you get over to Tuesday night coffee and introduce yourself. The East Side crew are great (I was one, but now the FNQ representative) and Scumbag, Eleanor, Jo, G, Black Betty and team will provide heaps of support, fun and lots of laughs.

    And it's ok to take the piss of of Nibor. He lives your way too. Not sure of his bike/licence situation at the mo though. It changes rapidly.... :p

    [Edit] Oops, didn't see the response from Nibor two lines up
  18. #18 tankgirl, Jun 8, 2009
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    Cheers VCM, thanks mate

    wizzard - haven't even started really, been collecting parts mostly. I'll get my arse into gear & post a blurb on it tomorrow - does this site have blogging?

    Love the old bikes & always wanted a trump since childhood. :grin:

    Ta nibor
    I know, I love this area. Not on road yet, but will difinitely PM you when I do. :grin:
    I got a lift for tomorrow night - so see you there?

    Hey, how you going cejay
    I'm from Bissie originally, so Hi to all of Qld.
    Looking forward to tomorrow night. :grin:

    I'll try make friends with the natives first, but sure you'll be hearing from nibor soon. :LOL:
  19. lost your glasses CJ? :p
    nah i wont be there, tankgirl, im working arvo shift at the moment :(
    just head into the restaurant and go sit with the loudest group :p
    or just look for the motorbike gear, if any of them htfu and ride a bit in this weather!
  20. Another time perhaps, nibor :)

    I'll just ask "who's bike just got towed?" :LOL: