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Bout that time, eh chaps?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ]{ing Nothing, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Well off I go. Day 1 of 2 days @ HART, begins 8:30 this morning. Let's hope it all goes well and I come out the other side of friday with my license!

  2. Best of luck.
  3. Good luck King Nothing :grin:
    The weather god's have been kind to you today!
    I look forward to hearing about your first day on the range when you get home this afternoon :)
  4. Best of luck ! :) Am sure you will do great.
  5. hey.. good luck with getting your L. King $omething.
  6. Good luck and enjoy, you will have a blast. HART are the best in the business.
  7. Yeah good luck.
  8. Good luck - hope it goes well.
  9. First day was.... awesome! A little windy but nothing too bad. I'm really impressed with how the instructors (Val and Andrew) took what is essentially a pretty complex procedure and broke it down so even an idiot could ride! I haven't been on a bike for 9 or so years, and then it was a kick-start ag-bike round farmland kind of thing. But they had us riding around and changing gears in a couple of hours - even a girl who had only ever driven an auto before! There's no way you could teach someone to drive a car in that time.

    Corners are great fun, we changed geras up to 3rd, and I even slipped in a little countersteering on the straights, feeling it out, and then put it into practice in the corners. I'm also amazed how many little things have such great effect on how you ride; things like keeping your wrist low so you don't open the throttle when you front brake, and keeping your knees in close to the sides of the bike.

    And the day just flew by! I was having so much fun.

    However the defining moment for me, was at lunch time, when we took the break and I got back in the cage to go get some lunch.... and it felt so strange, alien, and wrong. A huge grin split my face as I realised I'll be a biker for the rest of my life.

    ...now if I can just pass the test tomorrow...

  10. Well done mate, and all the best for tomorrow. You will never want to be in a car again, I know I hate driving my car now.
    Cheers Lou
  11. Day two! I should be ok, but I'll be extremely sad if I fail. Here's hoping the weather is nice and forgiving.

    Thanks for all your support guys n gals! I'll post results tonight!
  12. Good luck...I did my Ls last weekend, the trick is to relax and don't put too much pressure on yourself. The skills test is basically what you have been doing over the 2 days. Enjoy the ride... I look forward to seeing the result !
  13. Thus am I welcomed into the shadowy enclave of my fellow rider brethren.

    I was relaxed, and the riding test was easy. I was the first to pass it. And the written test I could have done without reading the handbook. I did get 1 question wrong, but my answer was correct, relative to the way I tested the question on the demo bike in the room, so... oh well.

    Well that leaves the expo tomorrow to sit on as many bikes as possible. Find what I like and what I can test, and go from there! I can't wait.
  14. Congratulations Mate !!!

    You're going to enjoy the expo more than any other year your've been, but remember you can't have them all, and that where the agony begins. :grin: