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'bout bloody time

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by yksnirk, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm finally getting my L's, just did my Stage 1 (of 3) at Motorcycle Motion in Cheltenham yesterday.

    Now, I'll be able to post more on NR, not just in the Jokes section \\:D/

    Should have my L's by next Mon, then will come for a ride. =D>

  2. Good to hear mate! Each at their own pace ;)
  3. thats good i did my L's there (twice :p the first time i let it lapse as i didnt have a bike) and found them to be very instructional and pretty nice guys too.
  4. +1 for motorcycle motion
    I got my L's from them too couple of weeks ago and they're great... esp Vince
    Not proud to say that I failed my test the first time and had to retake it... so went back and do a one-on-one course for about 3 hours that turned out to be a lot more helpful than the whole 3-stage process...
    I was doing figure 8's, braking, slow-ride and everything in much more detail.
    Oh and he also made me do the four exercises about 20 times before the actual test!
  5. I did my Ls there too, and I thought the 3 or 4 instructors I had were very good.
    Their bikes aren't the best there, but I guess they're only for learners!

    (See how I used "their", "there" and "they're" in a single sentence? I should join the grammar thread!)

  6. Another MM graduate :)

    Yep - Vince was good value.

    I'm scheduled for my full licence test mid December.

    Good luck mate, see you on a Tuesday ride.
  7. So, me and my brother (yksnirk) will be on the learner rides next week probably!!
    I was quite surprised that they didn't have any cb250's or the like there.
  8. Congrats, I was wondering where you'd got to...
  9. Well done mate. Be safe and be smart.
  10. they do actually have a few CB250s there as i did my Ls on one of them there... but im a fat bastard so they probbably pulled out the 250 so i had something that would hold me :p (im big boned i swaer)and i had also ridden a bit previousy where most of the guys doing the L's with me hadnt.
  11. Good job on getting your L's mate, can you pass on any info on costs? Looking for a possible alternative to hauling arse to kilsyth or somerton for HART, cheltenham is almost ideal. I did look through the options on their site, no information on pricing, is it similar to HART's?
  12. i think its like $215 or about that i only did the last 2 of the 3 parts though.
  13. it's $270 for the 3 stages
  14. 12 hour learner permit $270
    8 hour learner permit $215
    8 hour license $260
  15. Stage 2 today !! Theory I think.
  16. nice one, do you have a bike yet?
  17. See if you can beat me on the test. I got one wrong. :)

  18. You're on !!!

    Is it multiple choice?
  19. Yep - about 60 questions from memory
  20. Anyone planning on doing the 8 hour license test in January 2010? Maybe we can do a group test together :)...

    Zears will be doing it together with me......