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Bourke St Mall (Vic) Parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by skeeo, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. So i'm starting a new job tomorrow in the Bourke St Mall vicinity, was wondering if there is any designated bike parking bays close by or where is the best place to park that is close to there (e.g. max 2-3 mins walk, i'm lazy :p).

    I'd rather not leave it on a random footpath considering the amount of people that go through the cbd and would prefer to park it where all the other bikes are parked.

    Anyone work near there or know of a area everyone parks there bikes?
  2. The closest place to there just for bike that I know of is on Lt Lonsdale St, just behind the church on the corner of lt lonsdale and elizabeth st. You would have to get there early though, it fills up quickly.
  3. The above mentioned bays do fill up quick. I work on Elizabeth st and I just park right out the front on the footpath with about 6 other bikes. There seems to be safety in numbers, I haven't noticed anyone touching any of the bikes. I didn't like the idea of the footpath at first, (still don't really) but nothing bad has happened to my bike out there.
  4. someone mentioned outside target centre theres a few bikes, i'll probably just tram it tomorrow to sus out the workplace/area and than ride on thursday.
  5. Check out some of the underground car parks, many of them have clearance to ride past the boom gates so you can come and go for free. I park under the QV building on Lonsdale Street, but that'd be a couple of blocks away from you.
  6. great idea, qv isn't that far
  7. I wouldn't worry about parking on the street too much. I work casually at a couple of stores across from the target centre so I'm regularly there both weekdays and weekends. There's a range of bikes from CB250s through to brand new (insert brand here) 1000s, with some curiosity inspiring bikes (motards, etc) thrown in as well and I've never seen any of them touched by any pedestrians.

    Mind you I'm on a fairly theft / touch proof DT175 so I don't need to worry about it, but as long as you park next to a couple of other bikes you should be fine.

    Edit: If you're going to go the under cover parking option there's a place a hundred metres up Bourke Rd, between Russel and Exhibition, that's nice and close. Not sure about their policy on bikes though, but it's a short walk if you want to check it out.
  8. +1 to what everyone else said - safety in numbers, et. al., As long as ya take the usual precautions (Disklock, leave the bike in gear)
    At least (If you still ride a 250), it's not gonna get stolen... Always helps to park next to a bike more expensive than your own :D
  9. ^ +1 to what Spectre said!!

    I do that daily in the carpark in my building :grin:
    cars get pi$$ed off when they see you doing it but I've been seen by the Wilson Parking security guys many times and they've never said anything to me about it :grin:
  10. instant expert, ask Tony E if 250 's are safe. he had a Spada stolen from Treaury place in broad daylight. dont think a bike is safe cause its a two fiddy.
  11. someone = me?

    There is usually a row of bikes park in front of JB HiFi next to the target centre.. a lot of people walked pass there .. but none give a $hit about the bikes... except me.. I walk pass sometimes and like to check them out.. :D
  12. Just go and check them out... there are more expensive bikes there than ours.. just disc lock it...
  13. Most also have cameras.

    although, when I worked at the telstra dome, I used to always park right in front of the staff rooms with a camera trained on my bike & a security guard near by, and the one time something happened to my bike the cameras had gone down for a few hours and the security guard left early :(

    Ive been told off before by security guards but just snuck in anyway :p
  14. Spot on there... :cry:
    But then Spadas are more desirable than most 250's :p

    Generally the more the foot traffic the safer the bike is from theft though. The problem with where I park (St Andrew's place - behind Treasury place) is the lack of foot traffic. I've moved further down to where it's actually visible from some of our office windows (and one of the people who can see it also rides :wink: )

    Most of the car parks that allow bikes are OK as long as you don't occupy a car space. Just find an odd corner somewhere and park without inconveniencing anyone. Ask politely and you'll usually be OK. Some might slug you a couple of dollars - some won't let you near the palce. They all vary.

  15. Hell, the operators where I park wave at me! I guess it depends on who's on a power trip.
  16. I always thought the street was heaps safer than a carpark at least out on the street someone will see if a theif is cutting through a chain and loading your bike into a van.

    Whether or not anyone will do anything is a different story :(