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Bound to happen...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by booga, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Well I was told it was bound to happen sometime or another, but I came off tonight... :cry:

    Oh yeah, before i go on, no flames for this topic :p ...

    Guy in car couldn't make his mind up and at last minute slammed brakes on to go right... And i grabbed a little too much brakes, and over i went... I was suprised at how much the bike slid... And of course he didn't even stop... :evil:

    Glad i had all my gear on... I got away with a sore finger, cracked screen, missing mirror, and a broken pride... and a hell of a lot of scrathes on my fairings... teaches me for getting a bike with fairings... ;)

    Anyway, off to bed to nurse my wounds...

  2. sorry to hear

    .....and no flames, glad to hear the gear saved damage to you, the bike's replaceable, you're not.
    Warm bed, and a hot drink and some sleepy-byes, you will feel better in the morning.
    And, yes, that's one of the reasons why I like naked bikes........
  3. Mate, fairings, screens etc. can be replaced!!! Main thing is you are OK!!! Another lesson learned!!
  4. Bad luck dude!!! Never nice to hear of am off even if it is only very minor. Don't you just love those expensive plastic things called fairings, lol.

    Hope you heal quick.

    Josh 8)
  5. Hey Booga (no other name required)
    Glad to hear you are OK, shouldn't take too much to fix the bike back up to what it was when I saw it on Monday night....but it WAS purrttyyy
  6. No major injuries , thats the main thing :D but the saying bound to happen is a load of sh*t .

  7. Agreed.
    Glad to hear you got off lightly.
    Were the roads wet by any chance?
  8. Don't let it put you off, bro. Ride on!
  9. glad to see your ok
  10. gotta love protective gear!!! stupid cager he didn't even stop... notice how a motorcycle licenced cager wouldn't

    1) slam on the brakes at the last minute due to indecision


    2) if he did so, he would notice the motorcycle rider behind him due to checking his mirrors before braking..


    yer alright though!!! don't let it put ya down!!
  11. Fact of the matter is he didn't do 1 or 2. Were all human and make mistakes however if he was a DECENT human being he would have had the conscience to stop and make sure the rider was OK. He wasn't at fault for the accident (He contributed to the whole incident yes but it wasn't his fault) so he didn't have a reason to do a runner.

    Personally if i was the driver in that situation i would pulled over and gone running back to the fallen rider to assure they were alright. I mentally would not be strong enough to drive away knowing the rider had just gone done. What if they broke their leg or arm??? What if they were unconscious and the exhaust was buring into them while the bike lay on top of their unconscious body???

    Anyway just my thoughts on it.
  12. out of curiosity booga, where did it happen?

    luckily you post on the same internet forum as me or otherwise i wouldnt give a shit!

    but seriously glad your okay i cracked my top fairing.. made me sad :( nothing duct tape wont fix.. kind of
  13. Bad news!
    Hope you all get better soon..
  14. Correct. If anything, the only offence that the driver may be guilty of was failing to render assistance following a crash, IF he was aware that something had occured, of course.

    This incident is a lesson about defensive riding. It's imperative that we leave sufficient gap between us and other vehicles. We have to assume at all times that the other guy's about to do something stupid and unforeseen.

    As for insurance, for example, it would be difficult to apportion blame to the other driver if there was no collision. A mate of mine found this out first hand recently. Some prick pulled out in front of him, failing to give way, etc. My mate hit the picks big time, the front locking up on him. He slid to a halt just near the car.

    They exchanged details, etc.. No cops were on hand. When he submitted his claim, it was knocked back by the other insurer as there was no evidence of the fellow causing the crash. Had my mate t-boned him, it would've been OK. But of course, instead of having a sore knee and a couple of scrapes, he might've been in the Austin Hospital spinal unit.....
  15. mate sorry to hear about the accident, but as others have said aslong as you are alright, everything else can be repaired

    cheers stewy
  16. Sorry to hear it mate, I went through something very similar a few months back. But now you can look at it and learn. Defensive riding saves you a heck alot of pain later, both physically, and in your hip pocket. Just keeping a little more space goes a long way.
  17. Thanks for all the support :)

    I will ride on, I dont believe this has hurt my urge to ride at all... given me an experience to learn from, but thats what its all about.
    I even had to ride it home afterwards, thankgoodness i could tho... (After emptying the flooded engine that is :D )

    smee: yeah, roads were a little wet (or a lot wet :oops: )

    cosi: it happened at the intersection of boronia road and wantirna road, i was heading towards mitcham. And if i didn't post on the same board, would you have read it? ;)

    Marty: I hope to have new bits on it by then (but possibly not :cry: ) but I'll try be at coffee on Monday (and then go past KMart to buy some touch up paint :LOL: ) Either way i'll try have photo's on here by tommorow, so keep a lookout...
  18. If you need a lift monday nite let me know - I'll still be woozing out and take the car...
    PS - glad you're o.k.