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Bound for South Australia

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Benny Boy, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. As the title would suggest I'm heading south. I started a bit earlier than expected. Circumstances worked out that i could take the bike to Dalby for our family gathering this Christmas. So I decidsed to include it as part of my overall trip.

    The idea is to make it down to Victor Harbour by the 11th of January where I will be taking part in a youth camp as one of the leaders. Im planning to catch up with some friends in Tamworth, and eventually follow as much of the murray river to get to my final destination. Not really sure what to expect. I haven't read anyone following the Murray before. Could be great, could be boring.

    Not much to tell so far. Traveling from home to Dalby. Road works seems to cover almost half the Warrego highway from Ipswich to Toowoomba. But from Toowoomba to Dalby was a different story. Dad had always called that section of road the goat track. For the first time in decades the road is smooth. It’s now the best section between Dalby and Ipswich, and it now has two new overtaking lanes west of Jondaryan.

    Christmas was great, catching up with friends and family. Spent some time at the Bunya Mts, which was a great escape from the heat, and a excellent bike road.

    Like i said, not much to tell so far, but i leave for Tamworth tomorrow.
  2. Day 2.

    Storm were predicted for today. Considering how hot it was i hoping for some rain to cool thing down.

    Checking the bike over i discovered that one of lugs holding one of my air intakes had snapped off. PC290007.JPG
    Dad wanted to use a drill big enough to give an elephant a bone biopsy but i insisted on something smaller in order to put a zip-tie in to hold it together.

    I've read a bit of Cougs thread for his trip and i found a big thing i dalby that i've included as a tribute to his trip. PC270001.JPG The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. The road between dalby and moonie was surprisingly smooth. But from moonie the road got a bit rougher.

    After a fuel stop at Goondiwindi i headed for fossickers way which lead me through Warilada, Barraba. Not as interesting as the new england but it's flatter straighter and not as many town which meant few 60kmph sections of road.

    In barraba and instantly got into a conversation with a russian WW2 veteran who was intrigued with my expensive widow maker, as he called it.

    I ended up staying with some friends in Tamworth and finally Say the second Hobbit movie. It ended up being better than the first one, but was immensely frustrating as the movie ends abruptly. Those who have seen it will know what i mean.

    Heading to the Warrambungles this afternoon for my first night of camping. They're predicting a 39 degree day.
    From here it will be a few days of relaxed riding. Im hoping to stop off at Abercrombie and the Snowy Mountains and eventually get as close to the start of the Murray river as i can and follow the river to SA.
  3. Im currently in warrnambool and I've noticed one of the front fork suspension seals has a slow leak. Bike is still going well. Because of the schedule I've set fir myself it looks like Adelaide or victor harbour area would be my best bet, time wise for repair. Is there a particular bike shop that i should be aiming for?
  4. Hi Ben , for Suzuki around adelaide you've got :

    Peter Stevens - Franklin St in the city
    Yamaha World / Revolution Suzuki - South Rd Edwardstown (approx 7km SSW of city)
    Kessner Suzuki - Main North East Rd Klemzig (approx 7km NE of city)
    Victor Motorcycles - Adelaide / Victor Harbour Rd , Victor Harbour
    Bridgeland Motorcycles , Murray Bridge (about 80km from Adelaide heading to Melbourne)
    Can't personally vouch for any of them but a mate takes his m109r to Yamaha World/Revolution Suzuki .
    Or , I have a very good mate who is a 1st rate mechanic who works from home but he is super busy so don't know if he could squeeze you in but you can pm me for his number if you want.

    Edit : for Kessner Suzuki , Brad McConnell (brother of Billy who races in UK Supersport Championship) works there and is a top bloke .
  5. Thanks heaps for that. Ill start calling around when they open.
  6. Have you tried cleaning around the seal with a bit of thin plastic or similar - if there is a bit of crud stuck under the seal this may fix it.
  7. I've had a break from bike for a bit, an I know it's been a while since made the last post. I wanted to finished this thread in some way, but it all seems so long ago to try and continue to the diary. So ill just post some of my favourite photos with some brief explanations.

    The road from Tamworth to Coonabarabran has a scale model of the solar system. A fairly straight boring road with not much to do except a bit of planet spotting.

    Camp Blackman at the Warrambungles. Cost was about $7 for the night and included undercover eating area and Gas BBQ that were free to use. This also had free hot showers. Only downside was alot of the tracks were closed due to recent bush fires.

    A Brachiosaur out the front of a rock shop in Coonabarabran. You never know what you'll find on a bike trip.

    The view from Whitegum lookout.

    My campsite at the Abercrombie caves. I took a little too long in getting here, so i missed out on any cave tours.

    Considering one of my previous trip ended due to animal strike, I was a little wary when i saw these signs as i headed south down the Snowy Mountains Highway.

    Just a bit of creative photography on the Snowy highway.


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  8. ^^ 2nd to last one of you, the bike and the road is very Mad Max - Road Warrior !
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  9. I like it. I didn't see the similarity until you mentioned that. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
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  10. PC310079.JPG
    There is something about the australian alpine areas that i love.

    I've never seen so many jet vapour trails in one part of the sky.

    3 Mile dam camping area. A free camp area. The only facilities are a long drop toilet and bins, and a magnificent view.

    My modest camp setup. For the middle of summer it got quite cold at night.

    camping at 3 Mile Dam on New Years Eve. Got to party with a few of the "Locals." I don'd usually take photos toilets, but someone had thrown glow sticks down the long drop.
  11. P1010114.JPG
    Spent a day riding around Kosciuszko NP. The Snowy hydro electric scheme is huge.

    Just another landscape photo. Not much has changed since i was down here, except the bike.


    I stopped off in Cabramurra, and saw a screen giving you real time information on what what happening throughout the hydro electric scheme.

    I must have picked up some bad fuel somewhere because the bike was really misbehaving as i headed south from Adaminaby. The weather was looking less than agreeable and i thought i may have to stay in Jindayne for the night. But some new clean fuel seemed to fix the problem.
    The photo above is yet another landscape picture taken west of Jindabyne. This is the only time i saw snow on the trip.

    Dead Horse Gap

    The Main Camp area at Tom Groggin. A free camp site. This are is further in. I chose to stay closer to the main road here the toilet blocks were.

    The Murray River near Tom Groggin.

    The Geehi Hut and camping area.

    My camping area at Tom Groggin. I had to make sure the tent was secure. The temperature change as the sun went down caused large winds to go through the valley.

    My Solar Panel. Very handy when the outlet on my bike is already in use.
  12. P1020149.JPG
    A bit more snowy Hydro Electric Scheme

    A small gesture that means so much. The Caltex at Mt Beauty had dedicated bike helmut cleaning stuff. I wish more servos would do this.

    The road just south of Falls Creek. The road surface looks like it's made out of the white rock that is found in the area. That, combined with the dead white trees was like riding in the snow. At least that what i thought it looked like since i haven't really seen snow.
    Anglers rest. Another free camp site that i hear so much about.

    P1020160.JPG P1020158.JPG
    I wanted to spend one more night in the mountains, and had planned to camp at the JB Plain Hut camp ground. BUt the actual campsite was a walk in site off the highway. I didn't feel comfortable leaving the bike next to the road and being camped to far away. I ended up staying in bright that night.

    A look out on the way to bright. I forget the name, but i remember that is Mt Buffalo in the back ground.

    Nothing too special about this, except it is the Murray river once again. Loved how the river landscape was never really the same in each area.

    The Big Cod at Swan Hill
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    I hadn't planned to stay at Swan Hill, but the long straight flat road meant i was making good time. Problem was, Swan Hill caravan park campsites were full and i didn't want to pay $80 for a cabin.
    I found Pantel Island Caravan park 5km outside of Swan Hill. I think camping was about $20, but a cabin without ensuite was $40. There was barely anyone there. The area was quiet and green and next to the Murray River. Despite my desire to camp, $40 for a bed was too good to pass up.

    P1030183.JPG P1030186.JPG P1030190.JPG
    Took the opportunity to try a few more creative photos.

    Big Lizzie is one of the few stop off i made in Mildura. One of the other reason was to get some fuel cleaner. The bike was having issues again.

    P1040201.JPG P1040204.JPG

    One of my favourite photos, for no other reason except to say i made it to South Australia.

    P1040206.JPG P1040207.JPG
    My campsite at the recreation reserve in Moorook. It cost about $12 for the night. It is beside the main road.
  14. P1050210.JPG
    The look out at Waikerie.

    about 40 minutes down the road from Moorook was this motel. I should have stayed here instead.

    Or i could have stayed here. Quiet little Morgan. The most north western point of the murray river.

    One of the many look outs as im heading south from Morgan. This is more what i had pictured the murray to be like.

    P1050240.JPG P1050242.JPG
    I had first heard about Andy Caldecott on Charlie Boormans Race to Dakar Series. Here in Keith, is a memorial to him.

    The Naracoorte caves. I spent the night here. Campsite was one of the most expensive on the trip. But it was close tot he cave tours, had BBQs and hot showers.

    And finally a picture of what most of the roads from Echuca to Murray Bridge looked like.
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