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Boulevard today - scary experience!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I just went for a spin through the Boulevard. I used to push through there at jolly spirited speeds, and never saw a camera, but after being warned by many Netriders about the attitude of cops up there, and hearing about bookings for being even 10 k's over, I've been cultivating a slow legal speed and trying to train myself into finding the pleasure in it (which is certainly there). As I was cruising along, taking in the view, at 50km/hr, I happened to glance in my mirrors, and - gasp!! - bearing down on me was a guy on a scooter, in a suit! At first he was a distance away, and I thought he might just stay back, but no! - he gained on me with every turn. Nervousness became panic, as this psycho-scooter came to fill my mirrors. I opened the throttle and pushed myself up to 53km/hr, the engine screamed, but he just stayed on my tail. He didn't overtake, he just sat there, as I felt the blood drain from my face, matched on the exterior by the sweat making its way down from my forehead. In desperation - I had feared making any contact with him, or even showing my fear - I waved him to go past. In a puff of blue smoke, like a swarm of wasps, he crept past me - I half expected him to swing a fatal kick - but was soon off, 10 mtrs ahead, then 20, eventually being a dot on the horizon, 30 mtrs up ahead, a frightening reminder of how lucky I had been that he had decided to continue on. I thought I would pull over to calm myself with a cigarette, when suddenly I realised I don't smoke!!!

  2. Hahaha thoroughly enjoyed that.
  3. Ahhhh, truly you have been strafed by the Vesparado
  4. Ill quote myself from a previous post....

    "I just wanted to say, you tell a great story... and this little snippet really bought a smile to my face...
    It gets funnier everytime I imagine it, bit like a cartoon or one of those old "no sound" movies. "


  5. Very sweet little story that
  6. haggismaen wrote

    i'll bend over for you
  7. Good story there Matt
  8. Haha. How you doin?
  9. Save it for thursday sailor.
  10. :-s

    What The?
  11. Why? You want to ride 2-up in the mountains? :wink: