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Boulevard S40 or Vulcan 500 available in Australia?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zicksivbinm, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I'm desperately trying to find if either of these 2 motorcycles is available in Australia. Is it possible that Suzuki/Kawasaki just never allowed sales into the country? Generally, would bike dealerships be able to order these bikes in?

    Alternatively, if you think above's going to be a failure, any ideas on similar bikes?

    Here they are:

    1) Suzuki Boulevard S40
    2) Kawasaki Vulcan 500

    Thanks heaps,
  2. The S40 was available here as the LS650, or "Savage" - essentially a DR650 engine with a cruiser body. It has a four speed gear box compared to the S40's five. There are not many around. Before LAMS they'd go for $1500 in Vic, now for $3-4k.

    If the Royal Enfield Thunderbird with the new UCE engine was available in Australia I'd say look at that too, but they're only available with the old engine as rare grey imports. (The new UCE engine is very reliable, very maintenance free, and more powerful than the old one.)

    Regarding other bikes, an Enfield might be worth a look, though. This seller has an excellent reputation. You could make it into a cruiser / chopper just like people did to Brit bikes 40 years ago (imagine the B5 with higher bars, a lowered rear, maybe a saddle seat...fit a used Harley Sportster tank if you wanna go wild). No other engine has as much character as a big single (the LS, the Enfield...), especially when your other options are middle-weight Japanese v-twins which really and simply don't compare. Deus in Sydney sells late model stock SR400s for reasonable prices if it's the big single thing that's attracting you. If you want a stock ride away Learners cruiser - if the fat cruiser style is most important - then look at a Yamaha XVS650.