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Boulevard M50 v Honda VT750s...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by jphanna, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. in the market for an upgrade, from my 250. what r your thoughts on these 2?>

  2. I got a c50, pretty good bike
  3. i had an M50 and now own a Shadow...

    I didnt like the M50 at all found it weird to ride just didnt suit me body shape or something.. cornering was all over the place and felt unstable.. on the plus side the M50 have electronic features for example a fuel gauge ...
    the 750 i found alot lighter and easy and fun around corners. its low seat height was a massive turn on for me . and the after market accessory range seems to be better for the honda .. more room to customize

    as for power wise i couldnt feel that much difference between them...
  4. the M50 has the 'bucket headlight' hasnt it. did you lose much in trade in as its a new model....!!
  5. I got a C50. Felt better to me then the Honda, but that is very individual to each person.

    Both are good bikes. My recommendation woudl be to sit on both, take for a ride if you can, and push both for a deal then weigh it up.

    Vulcan 900 is also a bloody good bike (to me, the question would be, and was between the Vulcan and Boulevard more then Boulevard and Shadow, but that's just me).
  6. i agree with you. the vulcan is more the direct competitor. it is just out of my price range. i only went in to buy a clutch cable for my Eliminator, when i saw the Vulcan Custom.......mmmmmmmmm
  7. Ah! We have more in common then I thought!

    I came from a 2001 model Eliminator. Sodding excelent bike! In the end, a C50 for 10,500 on road was a hard deal to beat. There's a C50T model in Aus now too, which comes in 2 tone and studes and stuff.

    While I think of it, the current issue of Road Rider Cruiser mag has reviews of the entire Vulcan family and the C50T in it. Might be right up your alley this month.
  8. I hear really good things about the Yamaha 950 as well. But there's quite a price difference between the 750s and that.
  9. For me, the m50 was a step to the m109. Managed quite a few thousand miles in the year I had it (almost 20,000).
    Was a commuter., tourer, and cruiser for me.
    Had the 109 for 4 years now, can't beat more power.

    The m50 was a good bike.
  10. i didnt do a trade in on the M50 sold it Private and with that cash i walked into the honda dealership and paid for it that way....

    i have a few bikes at home and use my shadow as a daily rider and my harley for the weekends.... i have had the M50 the M109, XVS650 , VT100 , Softtail , Sportster and i am only 25... hands down the shadow has givin me nothing but trouble free ridding with easy maintenance.. in 1 yr i did 22,000ks on the shadow with not 1 fault.. did the great ocean road on it and traveled twice from Sydney to Brisbane on it.... not 1 fault....

    never got to do big Ks on the M50...
  11. well i managed to sit on a 750s today. very good fit for me. i am only 5'6" it felt at 'home' immediatelty. i know its been mentioned before, but you have to wonder why they put such a tiny tank on this bike!!!!

    the vulcan custom i sat on, was in the 'give birth' position that so many cruiser riders seem to like. on the way home i will sit on an M50......
  12. mmmm small tank ??? i can get 280ks to my tank without hitting reserve ...
  13. 280.....that is sensational!!! i ride report i saw on the net claimed about 165km before the warning light went on....

    this is not a shadow, which has a big tank......

    my 250 eliminator has a bigger tank and only gets about 225kms.
  14. i have done some mods to mine aswell.... all depends on how u ride it but if i was to sit on 110 i can get 280ks per tank......
  15. Kingy, The "S" only has a 10.7lt tank, the Shadow has a 16.8lt.

    Jphanna, The M50 is heavier, longer, wider and higher than the VT750, it's also faster, meaner, torquier, (bet I spelt that wrong) and sounds better IMO, I ride a VT750 ACE, but I would swap in a heartbeat for an M50 or M80.. but riding is all about personal opinion so buy what ever floats your boat and I'm sure you will enjoy it.
  16. I ride a VT750s ( Honda's sportster as some call it ), lovely bike to ride and loves feisty roads.
    I'm 5'7" and it fits me just fine.

    Never ridden the Suzuki so can't give a comparison. Take as many test rides as you can before you choose.
    Never choose the first one you see just because you like the look ( I'm pretty sure no one on here has ever done that, eh ?)

    Cheers Andy :)
  17. I had an '09 M50. Liked the look of it better compared to the newer models as it wasn't trying to look like the big M109. I never had any problems with the M50. To me it felt well balanced and i could get 300km to the tank on highways, after some tuing from my local mechanic. Other than that i did find the bike a bit small as i couldn't stretch out my legs, and i did get the seat modded to be flatter and more comfortable. I do like the overall bent foward seating position compared to other more upright positions.
  18. test rode the honda 750 for a day, (nice, comfotable, easy to ride) Price at test ride $15\17 k's plus onroad, delivery, bla, bla, bla.

    one look at the boulevard c50t, on the internet, and I hadn't test rode the dam thing. rang 2 shops, one in franston, one in dandy, dandy won the deal, by being 1000 cheaper and closer to paky, (think I shoud'v done the deal with frankston).

    at the end of it all, the deal left a bad tast, but the bike mmmm mmmm it was worth it.

    but hey there's people out there that like harley's, too, and indians, and theres the pom'es bike as well, now making a cruiser.

    just do the home work on the 2 of em, price, what do they say about em on the internet, mag write ups, and here on netrider.

    but at the end it'll be the little thing that catches your eye, that will sale the bike to you.

    Oh and for the record I was gona buy a kingpin, but dam if'n there not bring em in to australia now
  19. $15\17 k's for a 750 shadow, was he on drugs or was it made out of gold?
  20. I thought they were 9k new, or something silly like that?