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Boulevard M50 GearBox Noise ?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by just_cruizin, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Just got my 1000kl service after 3 weeks of owner ship and really enjoying the bike have noticed it is becomeing smoother and more responsive which is great have also noticed that the gear change's manly on the way up but also on the way down seem to click more loudly and maybe a little more harshly would this be normal due to lossening up of the box? bit like a harly if you know what l mean l mentioned to the service people they didn't seem to think it is a prob it does'nt worrie me just want to make sure nothing is wrong my pipes are on the way from US
    classic Slash Cut been ten days now hope they get here soon

  2. Experiment a bit.
    Try changing up way before you normally would (lower revs).
    Then try changing up after really loading the revs.
    I think you might find that you are hearing a more harsh crash as you change as you are perhaps reving harder before the change up as it frees up.
    I certainly find that I tend to be a bit rough and ready with the changes when I feel like a bit of speed. :)
  3. l have tried what you say seems to be a very solid click in and can here it maybee it is just normal will experment a bit tomorrow on my way to work will get the blokes at the suzuki shop to have a look when l get my pipes fitted
  4. Hows the oil level ? ... Worth a check ... it can vary quite a bit in that little window just by havin the bike at a small lean (all it takes is a mech havin a bad day for 30secs) ... what oil did they use ?

    Agreed with Mountaineer ... mix it up a bit ... 1000kms things are still beding in ...

  5. Suzi boxes are normally known to be smooth.
    However if I'm just lumping around the changes are no where near as smooth as if I'm on it so maybe you need to adjust your engine load a little. You didnt say what you were comparing the feeling to so maybe its the way it's supposed to be.........
  6. The M50 has a very clear "click" into gear .

    Google M50 forums and read all out the bike.
    But if your not sure ,always get the shop to check it out ,or ride some one elses.
  7. It's normal for the m50/c50. I love the way it clunks into first. You can offset that a bit though if you hold the clutch in a bit longer before going into first.

    Just kewzing along I clunk in nearly every gear. Give it a bit of stick & the changes are a lot quieter.

    just_cruizin - Let us know what you do about the O2 sensor on the exhaust. Ones from the States won't have a fitting for it. Is it as simple as disabling it or is more involved?
  8. thats how I find my C50 also, when just cruzing along it does tend to clunk
    a bit, but as you say give it a bit of stick and everything smooths right out.
    I dont feel its a problem at all, just hows it is.
  9. Thanks for all the advice l think that l'm worring about nothing and if the clunk is normal than that is fine tried it on the way to work at all sorts of speeds some times smoth other times clunk will get the lads to check it out when l get my pipes mmmm heres hoping the tracking number not showing up on Aust post yet but it has only been 8 days since l ordered to bit in patitent l think
    Hipster have spoken to the boys at Suzuki and they tell me they just disconnet the oxygen senser take it right off l think l also brought the
    Digital Fuel Processor from Cobra as well this they tell me helps to tune the pipes and stop any back firing
    will keep you up to date
  10. Do a search for PCIII and oxygen sensor for the m50 ... if you disconnect the sensor the FI light flashes ... from the searches cutting wire 23 from the ecu disables the oxygen sensor in the ecu and stops the FI light flashing ... there's a "how to" word document somewhere on the net about it.

  11. When I had the M50, one mod that gained a big response from the engine, was eopening up the aircleaner inatke a bit. I cut a 1 inch slot on the underside, about 6 inches long, and it made a big difference.
  12. Did you have to alter the fuel ratios at all Peter? I was talking to my mechanic on the weekend and asking about the C50 any his thoughts, said it ran rich from factory so air intake can be changed. What did you find?