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Boulevard Krewz 2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Stimpy, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Seeing as how our last thread got hijacked lets try again.

    Who's up for another Boulevard Krewz?

    Either Sat 19th or Sun 20th May
    Ride areas to include but not limited to Mt Macedon, Woodend, Tylden, Kyneton, Lancefield, Pyalong, Tooberac, Heathcote etc.
    Pretty good areas for a cruiser run.

    BTW you don't have to be on a cruiser to join this ride.

    Who's in ??

    Starters So Far

    Caz V1
  2. Ok as you know i am in at this stage.

    And yes the first one got locked cause some people just have no idea. :?

    So when someone starts a thread about something, dont hijack it with something thats not related. :roll:

    Anyway come on whos in for the take 2.. :grin: Give Rod a date that suits you if you that ones no good..
  3. good friends of mine are picking up their new cruisers this week
    Jeff's being the boulevard
    while Sherry just got her learners yesterday and will have the intruder (?)
    but Jeff might be up for it

    I have passed the thread details along to them
    and will let you know if there in
    they are in Hoppers

  4. the 27th is good for me!

    Did some recce on another one for later in the year today.

    Around the dandenongs, up to reefton, over reefton spur, and down the black spur.

    Can be done on one tank of fuel for a boulevard!
  5. Sounds great .. And i assume you will be in as well then?
  6. Yes please

    Hi there, just discovered bikes and just discovered this website. I'm keen for the ride, but I'm on my Ls (1.5 months ago)and a rust bucket old Honda CB250. I'm not sure what standard you guys are all at - don't want to hold anyone back. I'm keen, but it would be my first spur ride. Rode around the Dandeongs and that was all fine. Do all my inner city / freeway commuting on the bike.
    Sat 19th would suit, but I'll wait and hear what you have to say.
  7. Re: Yes please

    The ride Peter is talking about is later in the year.

    This ride is going to up through woodend, daylesford, kyneton and where ever else out there. This will be a nice easy ride, as was the first Krewz. Boulevards dont go like sports bikes, and we are all old so we are very responsible.. :LOL:
    Hmmm, i think i better bring the 14.. :grin:
  8. I didnt think we would be ok to go along?
    Phil on the V-Strom and my GPX250
    we're not on cruisers

    EDIT: sorry just saw that it says on the original post that you dont have to ride a cruiser so yup I will put our hand up if its ok

  9. Ok Rod looks like you can make it a post in the calender...
    Otherwise you will be too late or it will get removed again..
  10. Ok so whats the general consensus Sat or Sun?? either day is fine for me.

    Decide that and I'll post it up.

    [EDIT] Ok sunday it is - no one has answered so I'll post it up in the calendar.
  11. You are spot on the money there Ken. I will definately need to keep warm.

    And believe me the 14 is more comfy than the cruiser Rod.. :grin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.