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Boulevard C109R Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Hipster Doofus, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Just browsing the suzuki web site & came across this. Did not think they were going to release it down under.

    "Following the massive success of the incredible M109R, Suzuki announces the introduction of its all-new stable-mate, the Boulevard C109R, a King among classic cruisers.

    Due late April 2008 this new classic style cruiser compliments the growing range of top selling Suzuki Boulevard cruisers.

    This traditional classic hard-tail styled cruiser is powered by the same modern high-performance 1,783cc, fuel injected, V-Twin engine as used by the M109R. To enhance this responsive, massive torque producing power-plant is a five speed transmission, a shaft final drive, a linked front-and-rear disc brake system and a massive, ultra wide 240/55R16 rear radial tire. A common sense comfortable riding position with chromed pullback handlebars, a wide seat, and convenient floorboards completes the package to make this a cruiser that does it all."

  2. If Suzuki was more customer focused and warranty compliant, I would highly recommend this bike, but due to a large number of us M109R owners having all sorts of problems not recognised under warranty I feel that cannot supply good reps about this make.

    Hopefully Suzuki will change the current stand and work on a more realisitic approach, and effectively liaise with customers.

  3. C109 R

    NOW it looks like a CRUISER !! :cool: :cool:
    Really nice bike !

  4. reduced engine power

    But they have modified the engine power curve for more torque down low, but the downside is less power across the range.
  5. What are the problems Durum8?

    I didn't know that there were any.
  6. Hmmm, i think my wife is going to be very unhappy.. :shock:

    Will be taking a serious look for sure.. :twisted:
  7. Just tell her they are 1k cheaper than the 'M'.

    Glad they are releasing them here, will be looking myself in the distant future.
  8. I'd still go the M
    In black............................. :)
  9. I am lucky as only the rear rotor is now getting loose and will approach the dealer soon, had clutch cable re-routed and clutch properly adjusted, but others in the 109rider's forum are experiencing the following:

    Clutch rattle/shudder-gets loose and needs proper adjustment or kiss goodbye
    stuffed/slipping clutch - cable tensioning not done properly - needs more slack
    very cluncky gear shifts - 1st to 2nd to 3rd
    Engine sagging in mount -
    Blocked radiator - not replaced under wty by Suzuki
    Faulty/loose rear rotor - Suzuki seems to replace under wty
    change filters other than stock and wty is gone
    change mufflers only, keep cat and rest and wty is out
    service from mechanic trained by Suzuki not under wty unless from dealer
    all mods under wty only if done by dealer - yeah an apprentice........
    I believe there are more but can't think of it, bottom line is if we try make contact with Suzuki, they tell us to deal with dealer who passes to Suzuki.... the usual neverending circle, awaiting for you to give up and the problem is no longer there.

  10. Seems a bit piss poor, have you had any of these probs yourself, don't need this sort of stuff when you want to enjoy the bike and the road.
  11. I have done 7500 klms on my 9, and only experienced the clunky 1-2 shift.
    Preloading helps get rid of this.
    Havent experienced any of the issues that seem to strike some.
    A recent poll on a 109 forum (7300 members) had satisfaction with the bike at 97%, which is high enough for me to justify saying the problems are limited to a few bikes, and not generic.

    I am having too much fun riding to worry about problems.

    BUT I will say that my local dealer (BTX in FTG) is great, and the reason I bought a second Boulevarde within 12 months (upgraded from 800 to 1800). If you find a good dealer, love em to death, because if you need them, they will work FOR you.

    The interface between dealer and Suzuki appears to be why some things are fixed and others aren't. It is not helped by the general Suzuki dealer allegedly being piss poor at getting warranty approval.

    My personal dealings with personell at Suzuki Motorcycles have led me to the belief that they quite honestly couldnt give a flying F%^k about the customer after they have passed over their hard earned cash. Will say almost anything, but never actually do anything. I tried to act as a go between to help smooth the waters, and got nowhere.
    And I say this as the manager of a Suzuki CAR dealership.

    But the bike is grouse!.
  12. That balances it a bit more Peter, I had only heard everyone enthusing over the bike . I agree with the dealers being the reason to go back. I bought my little Intruder at Raceway Suzuki in Niddre and they have given me excelent sevice and free advice whenever I have needed it so when I buy my C50 thats where I will go.Value for money with the Suzukis means you really can't go wrong.
  13. I agree with you Peter and my post was about that: the way Suzuki PR goes about business does not encourage customer's loyalty, else I love my bike.
    I traded a new Harley for this beast and have only a problem which I hope will be rectified under warranty???.
    That was the core of my posts, not the bike itself and believe that as a fellow rider I should inform anyone that is going to deal with Suzuki.

    post 1
    Post 2

    Quite a few 9ers have vented they will no longer buy a NEW Suzuki.... Peter, correct me if I am giving wrong info.
  14. Yeah - some have said so, but Honestly - what else is comparable to the 109? MT01?

    It is different enough not to be able to put it in a category.

    In the end, you either like it or you dont,
    If you like it enough, you hand over your money.
    If you dont, you buy something else.

    But Suzuki Australia did hint that they actually doubled forecasts for the 109 year on year. Enough people are buying them.
  15. Bloody good value for money.
  16. Totally agree with you.........the bike sells itself.
    Today went to the dealer to book mine in for the defective rear rotor............. and saw three new 9s and two had the SOLD sticker on it already!!! Good sign....
    Just hope Suzuki will abide by warranty issues!
  17. and I just had the best ride into work, in peak traffic, just chucking the bike between cars and gunning it.

    For a big bike, it is very chuckable.