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Boulevard brag strip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gilesy, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Picked up the local paper today from the letterbox to see this as front page news on the Progess Leader....


    Interesting to read the comments at the bottom of the story by locals/public....
    '........ as do convoys of motor bikes, the latter possibly heading for Hell’s Angels in Heidelberg Road'..... tar in one hand and a brush in the other!!!!

    or this one.....

    ' The blue bike in the UTube video is a regular and has been racing back and forwards all day today. It should be easy for the police to catch him'..... hey i ride my blue bike up and down there and at the posted limit, again tar in one hand and a brush in the other!!!!
  2. Well the bike ride was a bit weak, for somebody who was apparently doing the fast sports thing. If you're gonna do it, do it well! (They're probably going to read this, and I'll get some inexplicably agro reply to some unrelated post of mine six months from now)
  3. Vernon Wood sounds like a suburb.
  4. Had a look at the video that paper posted.
    If that bloke was breaking any hoon laws I'll go hee, he barely got above 3rd and the revving of the bike suggested a very sedate speed.
    Much ado about nothing as usual.
  5. The front page of the Progress Leader has a large picture of a blue sportsbike riding the Boulevard, despite also featuring two separate frameshots of both vehicle's speedometers from the Youtube videos clearly showing the Citroen C4 VTS was travelling at a far higher speed. In fact, the Youtube video featuring the Citroen shows it overtaking across double white lines and mid-corner, at night time. Talk about bias. [-(
  6. You'd have to be retarded to wana show the world how well you can hammer through a residential area. Doing it in suburbia under the watchful gaze of others who you know probably are'nt going to appreciate it, or will flat-out resent you being there, and you'll get the attention you deserve...and ***** it all up for others who may be there genuinely looking to train themselves a little bit, or just enjoy the sunshine on a quiet tootle and who may not be doing anything wrong at all...
    The bloke on the bike was'nt doing anything beyond riding at a sedate pace - problem is though, he simply goes faster than they allow...and they'll use it against him regarldess. Hopefully...he will escape notoriety for daring to ride a bike in what was a very mildly manner..

    As for cars racing around the boulevard...THAT got old 30 Years ago....cheezuz, what a joke..Even then...the driving on that video is fairly lame. <yawn>

    For those of you that get out that way, I'd find a different place to learn your craft for a while.
  7. I thought this thread would be someone bragging about his new suzuki boulevard

  8. Me too. Mods should delete this thread as misleading.
  9. I have a motorbike.
  10. So how often do you ride to the Hell's Angels Compound, hoon!

  11. I love how you refer to it as a compound.


    'Come on kids, we're going to see the bikies.'
  12. my boulevard would be lucky to do the 50km/h on the 35km/h corners

    the straight bits in between though different story

    wow 120km/h

    i remember many years ago before i had a motor bicycle, and just had a 2 leg engine there used to be literally dozens of road racers on the 1st/last major corner (the one with the good view) then they'd blow by so fast the wind would almost knock me off my treadly

    i say piss off the bike lane, smooth tarmac resurface and close the road.... put a toll gate at 1 side and go nuts, it's a great race track..... i mean it would make a great race track....

    timed sprints... awesome!
  13. It sounds more a venereal disease.
  14. Much better. :grin:

    (damn photoshop... should get around to calling Adobe to ask them to stop being tossers and let me reinstall MY copy on MY computer)
  15. i posted a comment under the name 'better idea'....take a look, lol.\\:D/:dance::rofl:
  16. It is my dream that one day we will have special one way roads with ripple strips, kitty litter and crash barriers.

    They will be manned by flag marshals and can only be used by people with a racing licence.

    They will provide local jobs, cut travel time and reduce congestion.

    Like a freeway, but so much better.

    Now why haven't they implemented this brilliant idea yet?

  17. Looks like the locals are really trying to get more media attention on this… Or some rich prick on the hill just wanted to try out his new Hasselblad H3DII-31 (If I had the money to bye that place Hasselblad would be my camera of choice).
    As I was cruising home this evening there was someone flashing from one of the balconies (Of course a flash doesn’t travel that far but hey you don’t need brains to get lots of money) I was just getting the knee out and about to push for a corner when it happened. I hadn’t even tipped in… I mean if you want good action shots you really have to get your timing right.