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Bought the wrong helmet...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Simon Lockington, May 31, 2009.

  1. Gidday guys,
    Just thought I'd post a heads up for new guys looking to get a helmet. I bought a Shoei XR1000 a few months back and at the time it fitted me really nicely. I did realise that helmets wear in, but unfortunately this one has worn in to the poin twhere it's verging on being loose on my head. Also at prolonged highway speeds it's pushing against my forehead quite badly so that when I take it off I have a very noticeable red spot on my head...

    This is not saying anything bad about the actual helmet itself, more that I chose the wrong size.

    So tomorrow I'm off to try helmets again and will probably be going for the more tighter versions now that I realise how much they can 'wear' in.

    Just thought this might be useful to prevent others making an expensive mistake!

  2. Would it be worthwhile looking at new inserts rather than spending big $$$ on a new lid?

    Does anyone know if shoei have variable sizes & strengths of inserts?
  3. They do have different sizes available. It would make more sence to buy new inserts to customise the fit. :)
  4. Thanks guys, I didn't know you could get different size internal padding for these, I'll go check out Peter Stevens today.

  5. Thats why I'm so glad when I bought my helmet I had someone help me out. I would -never- have picked one as tight as I did without this salesperson's advice. When I tried it on I was thinking "holy crap this is way too small" but he showed me how I didn't want the helmet to move and what to look out for.

    I'm confident I would've bought one way too big otherwise!
  6. Yeah this is totally my fault. I did have someone helping me, and this helmet fit me real good (compared to the medium one which to ME felt pretty tight, but on reflection, was probably the one to get...), so I felt this one was the one to get.

    Never mind, you live and learn. While flushing $800 down the toilet ain't awesome, I've learned my lesson and will either try and get this one repadded as above, or just get a whole new helmet. I'm not one for pissing about :).