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Bought the Bike now what to carry

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tonner, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Finally convinced the misus I was better off with a bike than a mistress, picked it up today, XVS650 Classic. Its been so long since I had a road bike and things have changed so much with all the new gear on the market nowadays so I need some assistance as to what I should carry tool wise.
    I have all the gear, enough to ride through a monsoon if required, but what if I get a flat tyre for instance. I used to ring my mate with the ute, lol, I imagine there are all sorts of helpful items available to keep a body mobile.
    Appreciate any assistance /advice.


  2. If your bike has tubeless tyres, hit up eBay or go to a bike store and get yourself a motorcycle tyre puncture repair kit, comes with little air canisters etc etc
  3. Credit card & mobile phone.

    All you need. :)
  4. And some Allens snakes. A must for any situation.
  5. Have spoked wheels so I assume it has tubes? sounds like the creditcard, phone and snakes are the go
  6. Check the actual tyres they should say wether they're tubbeless. I have spoked wheels buut have tubeless tyres. Haven't had a punctuurre yet. A knife is handy too id imagine
  7. Yep - if you have to catch the train home, you'll need something to stab Chef with...
    I recommend saving a few different bike movers business numbers on your mobile too...
  8. a small video camera.
    knives plural, because the police consficate them, so need to carry a spare as well.
    first aid kit.
    pepper spray. cagers can't give chase if you've blinded them.
    toilet roll. public ammenities are few and far between, usually locked.
    condoms. (well, in OP's case because the females who are attracted to blokes who ride cruisers tend to be riddled with std's )
    spare NOS bottle.
    small torch.
    pain killers. because the green whistle they give you dose'nt actually do anything.
    cigarette butts. so you can throw them back.
    a crayon or piece of chalk. so you can scrawl down the number plate when you're lying on the road.
  9. zip ties and race tape!
  10. Perfect. That is all.
  11. How does that work lol
  12. +2
    + double sided tape, I.C.E details in mobile, motorcycle tow company number, tyre plugs, small led torch, leatherman multitool, box cutter, whistle in jacket pocket (don't ask!), small led strobe light.

    That should all be able to fit under your seat. :)

  13. I bought a "motorcycle tool kit" from repco about 3 years ago, and it's seen me through :) even good enough to use for my general maintenance etc. it's bigger (about the size of an a5-a4 book), so it fits in my ventura bag and stays in there just in case :)

    also, i have my ice contacts numbers on my bike and in my wallet, rather than in my phone (in case of dead batt on phone, they're unable to unlock phone, or i don't have my phone or it got lost in an accident etc)
  14. Dunno but it does.
  15. small bottle of petrol
    cable ties
    gaffer tape
    alan keys applicable
    sockets applicable
    painkillers for the shoulders
    puncture kit
    spare pair of thick socks
    spare bike key
    sense of humour
    see you on the road
    btw did you join a club
  16. It's a double walled rim. If you looked inside it, you wouldn't be able to see the spoke mounts because they are mounted on the outer metal layer.
    Stupid things really, all that extra weight just for a certain old school look...
    Hang on, I just described cruisers in general! ;)
  17. But make sure the mobile is fully charged and the credit card has plenty of available funds.](*,)
  18. when you generalise you generally lead with your chin