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Bought some new gear today :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by JP, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. With summer almost here, I decided my DriRider pants definitely weren't going to cut it. They're great at keeping the cold and wind out, but at temperatures at anything above 25 degrees, it becomes a sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable affair. Off to Parramatta I went. I figured a pair of Draggins would do nicely. I've tried on their Cargo pants before, but they're just too baggy for my liking. Their regular jeans however are just right.
    Whilst I was up there I decided I'd spoil myself with a new pair of gloves. My M2R's aren't that old, but they haven't instilled me with much confidence as far as quality is concerned. So after trying on a few different pairs, I settled on the Alpinestars SP2's. They seem to be better made than the M2R's, time will tell.
    So that about rounds out my gear for summer. My Ixon Sismic jacket has been awesome so far, and the 2 removable liners make it versatile for all seasons. I highly recommend it to anyone looking at buying one :)

  2. Hey I have A* SP2 too! but theyre my winter/track gloves cos its long.
    For summer I have A* Octane shortie gloves, its got vents on the knuckle, and the vents really work.

    Good summer helmet is AGV Air-Tech, very airy.... :LOL:
  3. funny that

    I had A-star octane smoto gloves and an agv air-tech. Great gloves but the stiching is starting to get undone. I only use htem to commute now because its so much easier to put on compared to my shift SR-1s

    AGV air-tech has been retired after a prang. Visor broken, vents broken and chin piece broken lol

    The AGV is a bit too airy.. .the vents work at the best of times. When they are closed.. i still cop a shitload of air in my face lol