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Bought our first Scoot

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by slik50, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Today my wife and I bought her first set of wheels. It's a Bug Agility 125.

    My wife is just going through the process of getting her L's and we bought this one from the StayUpright people at Queanbeyan.

    The good news is it was cheap ($1300) with only 5K on the clock.

    The less than good news is that it seems to have spent a reasonable amount of time on it's side.

    It is the perfect learner-mobile, if she drops it or it falls over I'm not even sure we would notice. And the money we have saved can be put towards the wheels she really wants once she gets the hang of this balance stuff.

  2. Good stuff!
    I bought a cheap run about as my first road bike however I am still using mine as I love it (plan to run it into the ground :LOL: )

    Good to hear your wife is sharing your love of riding :applause:
  3. Well, that was a surprise. I changed the oil, gearbox oil, air and fuel filters as well as the spark plug.

    It is running great. I've been terrorising the local neighbourhood on this thing while testing it. It really is hoot for something with so little power.

    maybe the missus will need to make her own arrangements as this may well be a great for the 13K commute to work.

    Now if I can only find a big bore kit and a CF exhaust. :LOL: