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Bought my first real bike!! A Suzuki SV650

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by frecklz, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Just a little post to say congrats to me. ;)

    See you on the road kids - and this time I actually might keep up on the next Black Spur run. :p


  2. Congrats! But get some pics up quick smart or I'll get angry :p
  3. ...AND I had to ride it in the rain from Laverton to my home - yuck! Needless to say I was very soggy when I got home this arvo, but somehow it just didn't matter. ;)

    *Merry Christmas to meeeeeeeee*
  4. Nice one... I'm piggy-backing your thread because I picked up my Suzuki DL650 V Strom which I believe uses the same engine :)


    You need to upload some pics frecklz!

    Happy days! :)
  5. Geez you guys are quick!! I'll hafta get the camera out in the rain to get you a pic - I've only had it for 2 hours! :p
  6. The DL does have a nice dash :) And I like that 110 is 12 oclock :)
  7. Congrats frecklz!!

    You got an AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING bike!!

    Just like mine...heheh :p

    You'll love it I'm sure. I'm moving to Melbourne in less than 2 months - we must go on a ride together!

  8. Congrats Frecklz!

    Treat the right handle bar with respect and the bike will look after you.

    Happy and safe riding :)
  9. CONGRATS !! frecklz :dance:

    If you know what's good for ya .. grab a raincoat and start 'snapping'

    You really don't wanna see phizog angry ,, not a pretty sight :p
  10. Damn straight!

    Strangely though, my angry face is exactly the same as my calm face, albeit one eyebrow is raised.. :rofl:
  11. Congratulations Frecklz. Now we wont leave you behind. :oops:

    A 2006, so not new then? Not that it matters, you're going to love it. :grin:
  12. congrats mate! welcome to SV ownership.

    dont let ktulu see a thread without pics, i made that mistake, and im pretty sure he sent an assasin out to kill me or something. i had to fix it quick smart.
  13. Congrats on buying the best bike ever :p

    * i'm biased :)
  14. PICTURE!!!!!

  15. Thanks for all the gratz. ;)

    Now I just need to find and buy a lower seat and a new exhaust - in that order.

    *happy cabbage dance*
  16. Suzuki OEM lowered seat isn't overly expensive, and works well. In fact, I find it more comfortable than the stock one too.
  17. Where did you find it? I'm not having much luck googling or on ebay...
  18. I bought mine from a Suzuki dealer (but he's closed up shop now). I can't remember how much it was, but I don't remember it being overly expensive. I was also considering getting my stock seat redone at the time, and the off-the-shelf lowered option won.

    Here some photos:


    Doesn't look much different to the stock seat, but makes a surprising difference.
  19. Hoohoo a pic... crisis averted ;)

    V. noice. Blue works well on the SV's.

    What year model?
  20. Also, have you considered getting oggy knobs (or similar)? Can save a lot of heartache (and $$$) if you accidentally drop it...