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Bought my first Bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by leah75, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    I just bought my first bike brand spanking new to riding. Always wanted to ride but negative comments from family etc stopped me. Loved the pre learner riding course and day passed L's test, I purchased my first bike, its my 40th brithday present to myself. Little nervous about venturing out on the road solo but have to start sometime. Any tips and ideas welcomed.

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  2. Welcome to the forum!

    What kinda of bike did you end up getting?
  3. Welcome!
    Have a hunt through the forums and you might well find a local learner friendly ride close to you or someone willing to mentor you. If not, take your time poking around some back streets and get your confidence and skills up.
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  4. Welcome and congratulations.
    What bike did you get?

    I run L/P weekends away and can help you 1:1 if you feel you would like a hand.
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  5. Kawasaki Ninja 300, went for that instead of 250 because I wanted something to take on longer rides
    that sounds awesome
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  6. welcome aboard :]
    :Dcongrats on getting your L's & your bike take your time and have fun
  7. Welcome to NR.

    And congrats on the bike purchase....

  8. Indeed, the 300 (in fact the more the merrier) will be better.

    I'm in the East subs, let me know if you want to take a ride. I only work half the year so weekdays are good too.
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  9. Find a nice quiet road with a higher speed limit sooner rather than later and have a play, found it did good things when I was starting out.
  10. Welcome along Leah and congratulations.
    Hope you have as much with your new bike as I did when I got mine.
    In what area are you located? Maybe a NR shadow will help calm your nerves.
    Homebush practice is great
  11. Welcome and enjoy the new toy. Lots around including my wife's - she did much the same as you last year and is having a ball. If you have the stock exhaust still, change to aftermarket slip on ASAP as it makes the ride even more fun. Search ninja 300 exhaust thread on here for some examples...
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  12. Hi

    thanks all for all the feedback and good wishes, I'm in Fairfield area. Tweet I saw your noob weekend away sounds fabulous. Just have to take day off work, but well worth it I suspect. I'm doing some of HART courses over the next couple of weeks, but a riding shadower would be welcomed. Always more fun travelling with someone else.
    Thanks all
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  13. Is anyone a member of Bikers Aus, its local and looks like a great bunch of people. They do a lot of charity work.
  14. Welcome to the forum!
  15. I'm a noob too and was looking at the HART courses, let me know how you go with it!

    Welcome to NR!
  16. Doing on sunday will post to let you know. Its thr confidence course one.
  17. Cool, I was looking at the confidence one too! But lately I've been gaining some on my own :)
  18. HI
    Just completed the confidence course at Hart Honda. The guys were fantastic really patient. Just a shame another learner rider wasn't just as patient, unlike others he rides everyday, and really had the eye rolling down pat (big thanks dude). I was there to get some tips and practice, and it sort of takes the idea of confidence out of the equation, when you get overtaken doing the limit asked on the course. Apart from that I would thoroughly recommend the course, I will definitely go back to them to do my practice for my P's, if I can get that damn hill start figures out.
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  19. Don't worry, you get the hand/wrist/foot coordination down after a while and you never think about it again. When I first started I thought I was supposed to be using BOTH brakes to hold and just could not get the clutch/front brake/throttle/rear brake all coordinated smoothly. There were no learner lessons back then. Turned out I was wrong and one brake is more than fine to hold you (left foot down and use the rear brake is easier but you can also do right foot down and use the front brake with a little practice, which is very handy on badly cambered roads). Once I realised that hill starts became MUCH easier.
  20. welcome leah75leah75 - you are only about 20 minutes from me - lots and lots of practice - if there is somewhere you can mark out the requirements for the MOST do so and then practice!!!! I must have done it about 500 times before I went for my licence:happy: