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Bought my first bike ZZR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by v-petn, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I just bought my first bike!!! It's a 1999 model ZZR250... I know it's only 250cc but I'm still quite over the moon. I haven't got my licence yet... I should have it by mid next month...

    Bike was advertised for $3300 with 1 month rego left and slight comestic damage to the left side. The left hand mirror is cracked and the clutch lever is broken. Apparently I've been told its about $20 for each part to be replaced. If anyone can recommend a place for me to buy these parts from that would be great.

    I'm hopeless at haggling so I brought my friend who's a mechanic and he checked the bike thorough and gave it the thumbs up... We knocked the price down to $2500... It's only got 39,000kms on it... I think i got a great deal seeing that they go for $4000 to $5000... If anyone has a place where I can upload the pics I can show you guys what it looks like...


  2. Sounds like a good deal.

    You can upload pix straight onto the forum mate.

    Check the "add image to post" link when you make a post.
  3. Nice looking bike mate!
    Congrats :)
  4. Awesome bike.... sounds like a good deal to me...

    Welcome to the ZZR new owner/riders club!!
  5. i remember that add. good buy
  6. thanks guys... it's so dauting though... Just turned it on and tried 1st gear in the front yard... i don't dare take it on the road til I get my licence..
  7. Pretty red!

    You know they go 10% faster :eek:

    Welcome to twofiddy zzr club. Great bikes to learn on. Easy to ride, reliable and no worries maintenance.

    Had mine for about 4 months now and enjoy every minute of it (tho I can't wait till I upgrade :grin: ).
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    I heard its because red reflects the light in a way that reduces the lights impact on the weight of the bike therefore red paint makes the bike lighter.

    Its true.. Here's a more in depth explanation