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Bought my first bike tonight!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by JCL, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    So I decided a month ago to get into bikes due to living in the city and paying too much for petrol.

    I successfully got my L's last weekend through Riderbros and after looking at quite a few bikes test rode a Honda Spada tonight and bought it...

    Well.. Ive put the deposit down anyway.. The owner is organising the RWC tomorrow and Ill probably pick it up on the weekend to get some practice in before hitting the roads more seriously.

    So i paid 3K for the bike, has 29,000 on the clock (who knows if that is legit) but it sounded fine and rode fine so Im very happy.

    When I pick it up and have a few rides I will let you guys know.... Cant wait, the car just seems so boring in comparison but I dont need to tell you guys this huh.

    So Ill be looking forward to coming on a newbie ride or meeting one of the mentors when I get sorted..
  2. ah the joys of the first bike :)

    enjoy :wink:
  3. :worthlesspics:

    Pics please... And well done on your first bike purchase.
  4. This is A)Madness 8) MADNESS? C) SPADA!!!

    Nice bike :grin:
  5. congrats! good choice on the bike. i'll be moving into the city in 2009 and i heard its like 3k+? a year for a parking space at wilsons on queen street? just dunno how ur going to suit up on a bike...
  6. Congrats on the bike.. Enjoy and ride safe.. :grin:
  7. Yep cars blow! Nice work on the bike sounds like beauty!
  8. Congrats !!!!! Welcome aboard.
  9. congrats on the new bike....recently ridden one and they are hoot to ride :wink:
  10. Congrats on your purchase. A good bike to run around on, got one myself and loving it. As it's my first bike and I've only been riding the past 6 months, I haven't got anything else to compare it with as yet, (apart from the CB250's at HART).

    Enjoy it and stay safe mate.
  11. hehe isn't there some kind of spada group we can make? that's 3 already! (at least, i'm not good with remembering/counting)
  12. Everyone who has owned one seems to love the Spada. Ive had mine for about a month now and I guess I have to join them (although seeing I have only ridden a couple of other bikes I am not experienced enough to know)

    Rode to work for the first time this morning and loved it, I work in Richmond so about 10kms away at most. Took me about 10 minutes less than the car!!

    Trying to ride as much as I can, slowly building up the confidence. Bike needs a good service though, Ill book it in for next week..

    Thanks for all the replies...
  13. Congrats, JCL! You'll find bikes are way more than just good fuel efficiency :wink:
  14. Good choice there, Spadas have something about them for sure.