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bought my first bike today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sez, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. my first bike a stunning black zzr 250. i pick it up early next week can't wait to take it for a ride though not sure when ill get the chance yet being very busy with work and bits and pieces.

  2. Good on ya mate. You will have lots of fun. Just say safe :grin:

  3. congratulations! isn't it great owning your own bike. have fun with it
  4. congrats

    have fun with it

    trust me u wontbe able to stop riding it for the first week and will probably end up looking for excuses to get outta the house on any occasion
  5. congrats too you!
    youll be grinning from ear to ear when you get on it.
    I remember what that was like. I couldn't ride my bike cos my grin was taking up most of my face and I couldn't see.
    congrats again
  6. That's awesome!!


    This will be the longest week & a bit ever!! But so worth the wait.
  7. congrats sez, i just got my zzr two weeks ago, you'll love it :D


    e x
  8. well done!

    enjoy and ride safe :)
  9. Congrats.. I bet that you'll be buzzing till you pick it up.

    Oh and :worthlesspics: hehe, not quite...

    Love to see some pics when you get some spare time from riding ay!
  10. Good stuff sez. You'll have a ball

    Gee those first few days of havin a bike used to be long at work. All day waiting till home time to play with the new toy. Hopefully your too busy to think about it while your at work. :LOL:
  11. thanks guys, ill be looking forward to catching up for some coffee nights and rides etc... as long as you go easy on me being a learner and all.
  12. Yeah a good bike, enjoy it.
  13. Congrats on the new bike. If your anything like me you'll be sitting looking at your bike when your not on it. There's nothing wrong with making a cup of coffee and sitting with your bike..........Is there?
    Have fun. :grin:
  14. Good choice.

    I have a 92. Did my first oil and filter change yesterday - my wife spent the rest of the day telling me I smelled "mechanicky."
  15. Join the zzr club :)

    Whereabouts are you?
  16. im in melbourne phizog, i miss my bike.. and i don't even have it yet. dad took his out for a spin today and didn't take me with him,
  17. when i picked up the R6 i had to come straight to work, and parked it outside the back roller door....then got in shit for going on smoke breaks every 10mins lol.

    enjoy the bike Sez, take it easy and keep it safe! (well for the first few months any way :p )
  18. Congrats on the bike, did you buy a new one?
  19. second hand its an 04 model
  20. Congrats on your new zzr. nice colour choice.

    I'm guessing you've got all your gear coz maybe you been riding with dad.

    Hope to see you at coffee nights soon.