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Bought my first bike (250 ninja)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by muli, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Bought my first bike last week '11 250 Ninja, she was a month old with 320 odd kays. Clocked up a few more hundred in past couple of days.
    Its quite quiet in traffic so ordered a dan moto slip-on for it which im still waiting for :)
    Paid 5.5k
    Need to get some better pics up


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  2. Beautiful bike, nice find. I must admit I am quite partial to the red Ninja 250R's, the green also looks pretty astonishing.... then again, I am bias in that department. =P

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    Arhhh I want one!! But black. Definitely black.
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    The black Ninja does also look sexy. I still am wanting to see one with the DRL LED strip around the headlights (as another member here at Netrider has done with his green one). First mod my bike is getting done to it, they look hot.
  5. thanks, 3 months of searching and this one came up. Rang the bloke and said ill buy it and come around in few hours. Deposit left and picked it up once the banks opened up after xmas.
    I did want a green one but wasnt planning on paying inflated prices for one
  6. Nice little pick up ther.
    Top first bike, thinking of getting one as a commuter & occasional weekender.
  7. Congrats on your purchase, looks real nice in red. They are a great little bike, I love mine. I also have the danmoto slip-on for the same reason. Happy riding. :)
  8. Which one do you have? I got the Danmoto Jisu in the mail today and its too loud :( Have to order the baffle now separate but the good thing is i have no problem of people noticing me in traffic
  9. I have the carbon one with the baffle. I tried it first without the baffle and noticed that with or without it there wasn't a huge difference in volume of sound, but with the baffle fitted it has a nicer note.
  10. I might go and see if i can get a custom made one made for it instead of waiting to get one sent as didnt order it with the exhaust and ive read that if you dont order it with exhaust they usually dont tend to fit as dont get tested at the factory when being packaged for postage. Just dont want to wait 5 days again hehe

    http://youtu.be/-MdoXUxKnMI heres a video of it