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Bought helmet with ripped liner

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by say_wat, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. I just bought a hjc pretty cheap (180) plain black, but it has a rip inside on one of the liners; i really like the helmet- and dunno if they would have a replacement-

    Should i just return/replace it? Would they even return/replace it?

  2. You really should inspect things properly before you buy them but if your genuine they should swap it over youd imagine...
  3. well assuming you bought it from a shop then its a simple case of returning it and they will replace it. unless they think you've done it since you took it, in which case you might have to argue with them a little. but i wouldnt think you'd have any problems.
  4. My main problem is that i think this was the last one available there; hence the price :(
  5. doesnt matter. and this goes for any product. It still has to be fit for the purpose it was sold for.
  6. yep if no replacement avalible/availibe to be ordered in, then you should ask for your money back. Its faulty goods and should never have been sold.

    But still you might have a hard time arguing that the damage didnt happen after you left the store. Take it back ASAP
  7. Take it straight back and be friendly about it. I doubt you'll have any trouble as long as you don't scratch it or take the tags off. Most dealers are very good with returns on products. They don't want to be responsible for riders using defective equipment.If you did take the tags off, put em back on or at least take them with you. It'll show you haven't used it if you haven't thrown them away.

    If it's the last one take your money back and look elsewhere. A black HJC can't be hard to find. :)