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Bought a VTR250 =D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Khlarton, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. So first bike, got it from Teammoto Honda at Slacks Creek.

    Its a 2000 yellow, with an carbon fibre muffler and full system aftermarket piping, has aftermarket grips, bar ends and stumps.

    Went for the test ride and there was a CBR250RR with me there who was also test riding and he couldnt keep up. Whilst on the motorway I was doing 100 comfortably and thought, shit still got another gear (which I did use).

    Love this bike and it sounds great and got it for $5500 (was signed for $6500 =D)

    Pictures coming soon
  2. Looking for one myself :)

    That or a Comet 250 :)

    Enjoy it!

    If anybody has one, let me know!
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  4. Congrats :)

    Paid too much for it, but can't put a price on the fun you'll have on it.
  5. That price included 3 years warranty and 6 months rego, also jagged $100 off my alpinestar boots ;)
  6. By the time I price in shipping it to Brisbane, then getting a roadworthy + QLD rego it becomes all too expensive.

    + Dealer got me a better quote on insurance than I could by myself
  7. Pretty exe warranty.
  8. i agree, maybe $1k too exxy at least. You can pick up a 5000km 2007 for 6.6k..

    Also, aftermarket parts generally dont add value.

    BUT. You got one, good stuff, i'm sure you'll love it and hopefully you dont have to cash in that warranty :p
  9. Congrats they are a super bike. Enjoy.
  10. Remember no LAMS in qld yet. And because of Qride was unrestricted for the past 6 years or so there arent a whole lot of 2nd hand 250s either. Its about the money for them up here unfortunately.

    How many kms on it out of interest?
  11. PICS!


    no really, i wanna see this aftermarket full system. what is it?
    sounds like a good price from a Dealer. shame about the colour though :p

    you're gonna love it mate :)

    take it from me, i've owned 4 :LOL:

  12. The VTR is great. I had one a couple of years ago. I have a Comet 250 now. Its cheaper than a VTR and goes all right too. Its not as refined as a VTR but still does the job.
  13. 14,000kms

    When I was looking at bikes basicly everyone said dont touch hyosung, but I have a love for honda anyway.
    Besides, I had to go pry my friends 250 comet out of a car the other weekend =[ AND HE WAS PLAYING SQUID AT THE TIME *DOH DOH DOH*

    Anyways seen the worst of the GT250, dont want to see it again.

    Thanks a lot guys be safe out there.
    As I said PICS SOON, post them up on friday when I take delivery.
  14. I'd have preferred to have got a 2-3 year old VTR but my ex convinced me to buy a new Comet 250, mainly one for her and for me to get one too. Mine's been fine and run well so far. I know Hyosung don't have a good reputation and that some of their new bikes don't come up to scratch. However, mine and my riding buddy both haven't had issues to date. They're not all bad.

    Anyway, enjoy your ride Khlarton. The VTR rides nicely and will serve you well. :)

  15. Ooooo more VTRs in Brisbane. We should go for a ride sometime!

    Here's mine:
  16. iv'e had two.
    :grin: they're the most underated little beasts around. I spent lots of days trying to follow sportsbike riders through the black spur and after a while was able to keep up(except for the straights of course).
    Just put some dunlop gpr 70's on and learn how to lean it over. :grin:
  17. Congrats on the bike, like everyone else said they are a lot of fun. One thing I can recommend when you get the chance is to put heavier weight oil in the front shocks because they are a bit squishy stock.
  18. Enjoy my Spada but damn, with countless threads praising the VTR, I wish I had gone for that as a starter instead.

    Congrats on your bike choice Khlarton and stay rubber side down. Enjoy.
  19. I went into Teammoto Slacks Creek today and saw a yellow VTR there - must have been your one! Very nice bike, looks great.
  20. haha you bet your balls :p