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Bought a scooter a year ago, it's boring, I want a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by knifepoint, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. So anyway, I got my Learners and bought a Honda Lead 100cc scooter, it's boring, slow and kinda gay now.

    I want to make a jump to maybe a 250cc, come to terms with the gears and riding a motorcycle and then see where I go from there, the thing is though, I don't have a lot of cash, if I sold my scooter I'd probably get $2000 at the most, and I really only wanna spend upto $3000 on a second hand bike,

    I've been looking on Ebay, there's the Honda NSR 150 (I know, only 150) but it looks nice or maybe a CBR250.

    any ideas where to look? what to look for? and how quickly will it take me to learn to use the clutch and gears? used to own a postie with step-thru gears, I guess similar thing except I need to pull the clutch in and let it out slow each time I click up or down,
  2. You'll learn the whole clutch thing in no time. And if you look you'll find a pretty cheap bike.
  3. common misconception about a 150cc bike, but the NSR150 is certainly NOT slow for a LAMS bike.

    in fact, its probably faster than the CBR250R (and maybe RR?)..im pretty certain its faster than the EX250's...they also look great. only downside is that its a 2 smoke.

    try bikesales.com.au and bikepoint.com.au as well as the tradingpost
  4. sorry forgot to add I am on my P's now no restrictions except 0 BAC and a bike under 660cc, but I thought I'd start on a 250.

    what is a price an NSR 150 should sell for? theres two on ebay right now for $2500-$3000 dollars
  5. did the same but I got bored in 3 months. takes an afternoon to get used to the gears. I did a practice session with HART then got an old 250 a few days later. 7 months until I get a real one but who's counting. :grin:
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  7. If 3000 is your max budget I'd suggest not even bothering looking at cbrrs unless you just happen to get a steal of the century. You can get a reasonable gpx at that price.

    Be aware that by nature 2 strokes simply aren't reliable.

  8. HEHE that comment made me laugh!
  9. Dude, your scoot came out? This is a vulnerable time for him, and you should be supporting him, not dumping him! ;)

    The NSRs and other 2-strokes are sweet, but they're ball-tearingly quick, and can be expensive to run, so I personally wouldn't recommend them as a first bike off a 100 cc scooter. For 3 grand you'll pick up an excellent Spada that will be fun, get you into riding safely and enjoyably, and not be broken down and requiring repair when you need to gets somewhere.

    (and peoples, please fix the long links that break the forum)
  10. Yep, i'd agree with the Spada, excellent bike to ride, almost rides itself! Only negative thing is that they're old. GPX is your other option. CBRs are a rip off, I wouldn't worry about them cause you'll probably get bored of that eventually!
  11. I went from a 2fiddy scoot to a 2fiddy gpx and never regretted it. The g-peers are known for their reliability and economy but youve got to remember to rev the little suckers to get the best out of 'em.
  12. ahahha aha ahh ah ah aha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: .... ha.. . ok now thast out of my system WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF REAL TOYS!!!! realisation is a wonderful thing...

    If you didnt want to start out on a 250 you could possibly go for a vfr400, cbr400 and or a lam(e)'s approved 600.
  13. My mrs has had a 125cc TGB scooter and her learners for 6 months and wants to upgrade but wants to bypas the 250 and get an XVS650 once she's been licenced for a year. Only thing that bothers her is the physical size and weight.
    You'll pick up the clutch and gears in no time.

    Did your scooter do an Anthony Callea and decide to come out to avoid speculation?
  14. Get a Honda VTR250, best 250 you can get.
  15. Urghh come on its not all bad, I have a Honda Lead 100 as well, it gets me into work every day without having to get on crowded public transport, its easy to ride and I park anywhere I like and it costs just $6.00 to fill up.

    That said I have a Kwaka 900 Ninja with aftermarket exhaust for the real stuff on weekend twisty roads.

    I started on my L's on a GPX250 and it was a grewat little machine.
  16. Have you driven a manual car?? it is heaps simple if you have, it's all the same kinda thang u just gotta adjust your thinking...........enjoy!
  17. zzr and gpx 250s you will get for that price easy
    Very forgiving bike that you will have no dramas with!
  18. You're all so quick to diss NSR's...

    What's with that?

    They're awesome, just ask Loz what he thought of mine. Very deceiving.

    & I don't think it's all THAT expensive to run OR unreliable.

    They're also not the expensive to buy... I'd pay no more than five for one.

    The only reason mine was off the road was because I broke it.

    The only draining thing is keeping the revs up at lights & stops. Other than that there's nothing that I would change about it.

    However, I have ridden dirt bikes for a long time & anything other than a kickstart is weird!

    At the end of the day it's what you are comfortable riding.
  19. See.. this is why scooters are so cool and we should encourage people to buy scooters.

    1) Person buys scooter thinking it is convenient and fuel efficient, but not *dangerous* like a REAL motorcycle

    2) Person rides scooter and enjoys it

    3) Person gets frustrated with lack of power, and already has helmet, motorcycle licence etc.

    4) Person buys motorbike and sells scooter to Person B

    It's poetry in motion, I tell you.

    NSR150 is not "balltearingly quick" by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe for the first week off your scooter....... in a month you'll probably feel it's gutless like you feel the scooter is now :D
  20. They sure as hell aren't slow though.