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Bought a paddock stand... how the hell do I use it?!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GunSlingerAU, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    Noob question #436 from me.

    After your great advice on (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=53803&sid=6bed0fe9eca1549fa01ba8290f466eab)
    buying a paddock/race stand, I picked a cheap R-Jays model up from the helpful folks at MCAs for $100 or so. Unfortunately, the thing only came with instructions that said "Must only be used by two people" - but nothing on how to actually use it?!

    I think it looks pretty obvious, but thought I'd check that this is how I do it:

    - I don't think my VN250 has the right connections for the V-shaped adaptor, so I should use the rubber generic adaptor
    - Wheel it into place, adusting the rubber things so they fit snugly under my bike's swingarm
    - Push down on the arm to lever the whole bike up and back

    Is it that easy? Don't really want to drop my shiny new bike...
  2. It sounds like you have worked it out but I'd fit a set of bobbins to the swing arm if you could and use them to mount from.

    Something like this.
  3. Yep, the best thing is to get some spools for the V attachments to hook on to. If you don't have holes to screw the spools into then use the L shaped attachments. Sit them under the swingarm and push down on the handle to lift the bike. You really only need one person but it wouldn't hurt to use 2 people the first couple of times till you're confident. :)
  4. stick it under your bike and stand on it.
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  6. Unbelievable; the nanny state has reached paddock stands.

    I have never even contemplated asking someone to help; look at the science, for God's sake. Once the two supports of the stand are under the swing arm, the bike is supported in HOW MANY places?? Front wheel? check. Back wheel? Check. Both feet of the stand? Check. How the hell is it going to fall over when only one of these (the back wheel) is removed from the equation??? :roll:.

    Stick it under the swing arm, move it up to support the swing arm and push it through; I don't even hang onto the bike because I KNOW it's not going anywhere but up.
  7. +1
    Then hold the bike with one hand if you feel you need to and push the stand down.
    Tip: If the bike is not on a perfectly flat surface, use a cable-tie or elastic band on the front brake lever.
  8. http://www.bajahill.net/mcwaystodropbike.html

    number 189
  9. about as likely as #191, realistically speaking :LOL:.
  10. lighten up,mate. :roll:
  11. Paddock stand should not be used in urban areas. Take them to the country, where paddocks are easily available. Similarly, yahoos who buy race stands should stop trying to use them in the 'burbs. As the name suggests, race stands are for the race track. No wonder our insurance premiums are going up, Mr Plod is cracking down and Joe Public is baying for our blood. Nitwits like you, who insist on pretending that our communities are your playgrounds, are nothing but a menace.

    And for God's sake, don't buy a Ducati or a Bimota. Next you'll be asking for help on using a suicide stand.
  12. Thanks for your sage advice Hornet. Try to see it from the perspective of somebody who has never seen a Paddock stand before, doesn't know which bits on his bike are going to snap if he puts it in the wrong spot, and is terrified of dropping his bike. It'd be nice if the thing arrived with simple instructions, but no, not a single bit of advice other than to use 2 people with it.

    Cheers for the links guys - I did a bit of googling before asking here, but still couldn't find any directions. I think it's because the stands have a variety of names they're known by.
  13. Having seen 4 vids on YouTube explaining how to do it, I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs a little nannying ;)
  14. I bought one on friday from mcas too, but for $90 as they were on sale :p I'm sure you got it for 90 too. I got my dad to help me the first time 'just in case' y'no? :D
  15. Don't worry about Hornet, GunSlingerAU he hasn't had his happy pills today. ;)
  16. I HAVE SO!!!!

    Sorry, mate, I wasn't having a shot at you, but at the manufacturers of these devices for telling you you need two people to operate them. Give it a try the way I described; trust me, the bike will NOT fall over, and your mates won't have to put down their beers, even for a couple of seconds, trust me :).
  17. Sorry mate, thought you were having a go at me. Felt stupid enough having to ask such a seemingly simple question.
  18. Oooh Bennett has a stand? Mate I need to oil my chain so when we go on that ride in a few weeks time how bout you backpack it over? :LOL:

    Damned lack of centre-stand bikes.