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Bought a new RGV250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TomRGV, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hello! I'm new here, just bought a '96 RGV250. I'm in VIC, so it's learner legal. I know there are a lot of people who say don't have it as your first bike, which is slightly unfortunate, but I plan to take it easy until I get a feel for it. Plus it was a bargain at $2200, so I snapped it up. Details here:
    <i can't post the link but its item #180148598257 on ebay, you can just type it in.>

    The dude is delivering it to me this Sat, I can't wait!

    The question is, how much work do you reckon it will take to get it on the road? I'm thinking a chain, sprockets, ignition leads, and spray the fairings red (visibility=safety :grin: ), probably $800ish?

    Then the govt has to steal some of my money to get it registered, prob $700ish i reckon. I'll be doing this gradually over the next month or so as the money comes in, so hopefully on the road and coming to some of the Netrider coffees before too long! :grin:

    Any suggestions?
  2. Welcome mate,

    So you were the sneaky bugger that bought it :p

    Based on what is described, I don't think much more is needed, just check the tyres for cracking (age) and they aren't down to the treadwear indicator.

    If you are paranoid, change the brake fluid and check the brake pads, check the PVs to make sure they are in good nick, drain the oil and fuel and refill with fresh stuff before you kick her over.

    Before you do your RWC, make sure all your lights work, brakes work etc.

    Allow just under 1k for rego, rego itself is 600, then there is the stamp duty, re-rego and plating, inspection fee (if in the city).
  3. Brave call to go a stroker for your first bike.

    Do you have any prior riding experiance?
    Congratulations on getting something.

    Keep the shiny side up.
  4. *hint*

    Do not nail the throttle at low revs in the low gears outside the power band and hold it until it's in the power band or you'll find yourself doing big monos (which can be fun but isn't recommended for new riders normally) :)
  5. Were you trying to buy it too mekros? Sorry mate! I offered him $2000 and he said that 5 people made him the same offer within an hour, so i thought this isn't going to last much longer on ebay, i'll just click buy it now.

    Falcon lord I have ridden a farm bike around a bit when I was a kid, and it seemed to come right back when I did the Ls course, its such a rush! I just had to go out and buy a bike! But no road experience unfortunately, I don't think I've ever ridden a motorcycle over about 60km/h.

    ZRX1200R that's good advice! I'll try not to do it while i get the hang of the bike. But it gets me thinking... :twisted: Yeah i had a look on the web at someones dyno chart for the RGV, at about 7 or 8000 revs you virtually double the power output, it's insane!
  6. Wait till u reach 10k. WHOOOHOOOOO
  7. wait 'til you upgrade from a toy, to a bike wooohooHOOOOO!!1! :p :p :p
  8. lol wait til 10k rpm and woohoo.......yea sure if you never owned a fast bike but they seriously not that fast. I would say they more fun to ride as they have a kick which is like a VTEC or a turbo. :grin:
  9. i loved riding my rgv, the kick you speak of was awesome.
    but in comparison to what i have had since, it would bore me in seconds :)

    edit- i had rgv250 on my L's too! it wont kill you, if anything, you kill you....or someone else ;)
  10. Mate had an rgv250 for his first bike.98 model for $3.5 but man was it thrashed. Not my cup of tea that bike, i just hate kickstart... but it is a cool lookin learner though.
    Gratz on the purchase btw.
  11. Hate kickstart!? Nah I love it! Well... maybe I wont when I actually start riding it lol, but it does seem very cool compared to pressing a wussy button :)
    Very manly :cool:

    I got the bike today - unfortunately I can't take it for a spin, because of no chain, need to attach fairings etc...

    It's like having a pizza in your car which smells awesome but you can't eat it until you get home!
  12. Dunno if i can post a link toanother forum. BUT

    www.rgv250.co.uk heaps of info, on the main pages, AND a wealth of info in the forums.

    Also, get yourself a manual, your gunna need it

    BTW: Im on 90 VJ21L
  13. I though chain and sprockets were supplied with the bike?

    It was a good buy though mate, good luck with the bike. If you ever need bits, I've got a shed full of parts :eek:

    Spare engine, heaps and heaps of gears, exhausts, clutch baskets.
  14. Sorry joel, but that's just too sensible for the internet. I'm going to have to ask you to leave :LOL:
  15. You don't have a spare tank by any chance do you?
  16. Definately not a slow bike, but I don't find them enjoyable to ride.

    I find it too much like hard work, to keep it in a moderate power band so you can power out of a corner (around town), and the two stroke to be not very responsive.

    But then again, I have a 1000cc Vtwin.

    Still keep it shiney side up and you will have a blast! Just take it easy, don't hold it flat off powerband and wait for it to hit! It scared the crap out of me!
  17. Yeah, they are fun esp for newbies to bikes. I grew up with Yam RD LC and AC, years later when I rode a GSXR11L I went to buy an RGV as I wanted to relive the early days.
    Funny, having stepped off the 11 onto the RGV I couldn't believe it, just didn't seem to move and even more peaky than the venerable RD LC. It was all too late, it was going to have to be a 500 4cyl 2-stroke if I was ever to rekindle those memories after the big bores.

  18. That I don't have :( What is the condition of your tank? How are you going getting it all ready?
  19. I found the suzuki engine to be weak as piss in power,i fitted an rg500 engine to mine,obviously the aprilia is the same,very weak down low.....I had many as wrecks and repaired them and they were all the same....I cant see anything to be scared about with them...you will be fine...I have also have an NSR250SP,far better machine...very torquey engine,i fitted HRC cylinders,ethos pipes,HRC card(no ignition key,electro magnetic access card model) and the top end is insane.i got a tank for an RGV floating around here somewhere if your searching for one
  20. Hey ylwgtr.

    The tank looks like this: http://aycu06.webshots.com/image/22605/2002536936068420448_rs.jpg

    The plan was to get a professional to put some bog on it to smooth it out, and paint it - however I reckon it would probably be easier to just buy a new one. It doesn't need to be cosmetically perfect - I just want to get the bike on the road for the moment, I'll paint it later if I can afford it.

    Yeah if you don't need that tank I'm definitely interested, my mob is <contact details removed> if you want to give me a call. Cheers