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Bought a NEW ****ING BEAST!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Went all out and bought a completely ridiculous and crazy-insane bike...

    It's a 2009 Sachs Madass, 50cc, auto, oh yeah baby. :moped:

    Picked it up for $1400 with only 45 kms on the clock, yup, 45!!!

    Bike is in pretty good nic, bit of rust from being stored outside but like i said it's only 45kms (already doubled that just riding it to and from work the other day :p)

    It's completely gutless - can't go up hills for shit, maxes out at 52km/h before i de-restricted it (like it needed to be restricted, all those damn hoons going nearly 60km/h) and it's an auto - i hate auto.

    But i have big plans for this bike!

    You may not be aware but there is a large cult following of this bike, as such, there are a large amount of aftermarket parts for it, including engines up to 170cc. In the interest of saving money, i am probably going to opt for the 140cc engine which is a straight swap, should make the bike actually usable and a bit more fun, too. It's fun anyway, i've never had so many looks in my life, not even on the attention seeking VFR, must be the full gear i was wearing :p.

    My intention is to use this as a license-preserver, VFR-preserver, Money-preserver and general university workhorse/POS that i can trash, also plan on jacking it up and putting knobbies on it and making it my dirt bike, too.

    So many choices.

    So, i've derestricted the CDI, tightened everything, done several spins around the block and i can say that it made a difference. However, i now just need to decide what engine to jack in there, and then i'll be laughing.

    Only got the one extremely grainy photo ATM... in my overcrowded garage thanks to some friends push bikes and all my gym shit... will post more when i get the chance, but i'm sure you all know what a madass looks like. (its the one on the left for the slow ones).

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  2. I would've just bought a cheap 70cc 2 stroke bicycle engine and rigged it up on my bicycle. How much do the bigger bolt-in engines cost on these?
  3. kernel, you underestimate the fun of riding something like this:)
    makes me miss the 50cc scooter, so much fun..... jumping speed-humps, pinging it out to overtake cars at a crazy 70kmh oh the glory days... you can hoon all you like and no-one gives a rats...... best of all though is if people do care, then it makes them pissed off at scooters not motorcycles
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  4. He's right you know; they are a great laugh.

    Replacement engines range between $300 for a 'big bore' kit to take the engine to 88cc all the way to around $1000 for 170cc with exhaust. Will probably settle for a middle ground with a 140 of 150cc engine and maybe do exhaust later.

    Check out madassarmy.com for deets.
  5. I get the feeling whenever I see one of these that you could thrash it, push It to It's absolute limits on the street while going nowhere near your limits, chuck it all over the road/grass/footpath in all public places.......and get away with it as most people would just giggle thinking it was some sort of pushy with a little motor strapped on! The ultimate city hoonmobile?? :D
  6. Careful, you might upset the motard crowd...
  7. can I ask, and it might sound dickie... But if you are chucking in almost 3 times the power [well ok might not be huge in this case] but are you doing anything at all about brakes to stop? as in, dont you need to upgrade the brakes at all? I know I can hear them all, BRAKES?? WTF are they for??
  8. Thing is ridiculously over-chassied as it is. It only weighs 90kgs, with me and new engine still would barely be 200kgs. Not worried about the brakes in the slightest.
  9. While ago I thought about getting one of these, but decided for the same price a CT-110 was better value as you could get a legion of spares for SFA on eBay. The 110 version of the MadAss is statistically identical to the postie.

    The tiny little bikes are hell fun, though, as long as you aren't on a highway. Look forward to reading more on your adventures.