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Bought a new Harley 883 and have some Q's

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by somerider, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Have just bought a new 09 883 Sportster and quite like it. I've come from sports bikes so this is a pretty big change. Couple of questions for all you wise ones...

    1. What's the best place to find parts? I assumed there would be a pretty big market for after market parts online but can't really find much. Bought some new bars from MCAS and they were reasonably priced but everything else looks pretty extortionate. Specifically looking for: Passenger pegs and mounting brackets, some form of pillion pad or double seat and a sissy bar for the lady friend, front fender (current one has a crack in it and makes a nasty noise) and...

    2. What are the opinions on after market exhausts? I've done some reading about the installation of V&H short shots (look awesome). Some people reccommend that you tune the ECU, put in new air intake. How much does this really matter? Probably turns out to be a $1000 mod once you have put it all in. I just want something that sounds a bit nicer and hopefully lets the engine breathe a bit more because it feels a bit restricted. Not that I have much to compare it to.

    3. Servicing - Should I take it to the standard mechanic or is it sensible to get a dealer on the job? I know with my honda the dealer cost 40% more, same deal with harley? They seem to have a good grip on the part import trade so I imagine all the parts come through them anyway. Any reccommendations for sydney mechanics?

    4. Insurance - I'm 24 (having my mid life crisis early) so Insurance is usually pretty pricey. Anyone own one of these and can share any insurance advice? So far I've been with insure my ride but a fellow at work is paying $600 for fully comp at AAMI which blew my mind because I was happy with the $1400 quote from Insure my ride.

    Enough babbling! Over to you guys. Thanks in advance.
  2. No love? Sob.
  3. It's a Harley have you tried the Harley forums?