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Bought a new Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GOOSH, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. hey guys, after getting pulled up by the cops on my 750 i have learnt my lesson and decided to drop down to a 250 till my restrictions end. anyways, i got a hyosung gt250r in electric mango yellow with the upgraded exhaust. pick it up next friday can't wait. looks like i can go riding again, hehehe

  2. Sensational news, matey. You'll notice the difference, but at least you won't be sweating in winter......
  3. and also, any thoughts on which insurance company i should go with. thanks
  4. check with Western QBE
  5. Grrrrrrrr!



    I for one will not be checking with QBE ever again.
  6. +1 for that..... nothing but trouble, but everyone could tell you something bad about every insurance company..... enjoy the lucky dip and hope you get a good one :roll:

    btw congrats on the new bike too
  7. Whats up with QBE ?

    I got a quote from them and it was $3000 less than RACV and i cant figure out why....?
  8. They are cheaper than RACV coz RACV does not want to insure bikes so they make their prices ridicules. As for QBE they are quite often the cheapest quote and you get what you pay for at the end of the day. Having said that i have hear a lot of complaints for insurance cos in general for the most expensive to the cheapest. Just take what you can afford and hope you never have to claim.
  9. if you are a rating 1 holder, racv is the go. they quote really good if you are a rating 1 holder, otherwise look somewhere else.

    and btw, congrats on the brand-spankin' new mango bike :grin:
  10. I do sme work with various insurance companies and the best line I heard was from the CIO at APIA.

    He said that people only call insurance companies at a crisis point in their life.

    When we have had our car/bike stolen, house broken into etc etc we are normally in a pretty raw state of mind so most experiences are determined by the person we speak to. I had situation in Newcastle when my house was burgaled and the assessor who came out was a really nice bloke. This made my experience pretty positive if he had had a hangover or just had a fight with his missus and was grumpy my experience woudl have been a lot different I reckon.
  11. hey there Goosh

    congrats on the new bike mate, i think you've done the right thing dropping back to the 250. It's not worth the trouble sticking with a 750 when your still on restrictions. good work.

    i've just put the deposit down on a Hyosung GT 250 - the naked version of what your getting. They are great bikes aren't they! they really do ride very well for a 250. Personally i preferred the naked look and the more upright riding position of the GT rather than the R but for all intents and purposes they are the same bike.

    I'll be ringing round for insurance quotes today so i'll let you know what i come up with. Oh and i'm with Swann at the moment and i'd like to stick with them but obviously it will come down to price.

    cheers mate
  12. Did you sell the 750 :?:
  13. $10 says you ride it for a month then sell it again, or at least let it gather dust :p i dont know how you can ride a 250 after being on a 750, gotta be the most painful experience ever aside from the 40 foot razorblade and vinegar trick :shock: :LOL:
  14. This spells out my reasons for never going to go back to QBE https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=18486

    It's the second time I had insurance with QBE, first was house contents insurance. I put the first unpleasant episode aside, writing it off as just unlucky, seems not.

    I insure the car thru my credit union, (really by CGU), they advertise bike insurance, but don't have an on-line quote thingo, so I'm gunna ring about the cat. They were brilliant when I had a ding removed from the wifes' Subbie (shopping centre carpark incident).

  15. Mate just call around a few and make your own decision they all will have their good stories and their bad just go with whoever gives you the best price cause hopefully you wont need to use it
    Congrats on the hyo mate I havnt really heard anything bad about them and just remember when it feels a bit slow that atleast it wont cost you another $500 odd bucks if you get pulled over :grin:
  16. hey man, yer they are great bikes, but i'm into the sporty look more than the naked. anyways, was doing some calling round and it a couple of good offers. Swann , AAMI and Suncorp or quoted me in the same price range of around $500 - $700. got a quote. the good thing is, i'm getting the insurance in my brothers name so we can get a better rating. aami is crap cause the best rating u can get it 5. whereas suncorp is gonna give me rating 2. i got a week to think bout it so i'll let u know how i go
  17. nah man, havent sold it and i dont think i will either. i'll just keep it in the garage and ride it round the block to keep it running. but on the other hand, if anyone is interested in the bike and at the right price, it will always be for sale
  18. Well done on the bike and stayin legal.
  19. Strip it down and turn it into a track bike until your legally permitted to ride it on the road. Atleast then you get your adrenaline rush and the 750 gets a decent run (ok, thrash...) every so often.