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Bought a new bike!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spectre_84, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. I haven't posted much on here but thought I'd share my news! In February I got off my L's and decided to get rid of my Hyosung GT250R and upgrade to a 'real' bike. I had my eye on the Z300 still being a learner friendly bike and it seemed to have a good reputation so far. I'm a fan of the naked style bikes and wanted something more upright but still have the sporty look.

    2 weeks ago through Matt Jones Motorcycles in Melton, I picked up the new 2016 model in Candy Crimson Red. I can't express how fun this bike is to ride, it feels so light and nimble and far more enjoyable. I've only been riding for 7 months so I'm still learning but I'm glad I made the purchase, it's made me love riding even more!

    I would like to get rid of the ugly stock muffler but not sure what other mods I could benefit from? I'd also like to replace the clutch and brake levers purely for aesthetics as the stock ones look so ugly.

    If anyone has any ideas or opinions, please let me know. Thanks for letting me share :cool:

    DSC_0257.JPG DSC_0253.JPG
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  2. Looks tasty indeed. I reckon a tail tidy would make the back end look more streamlined. I wanted to put a tail tidy on SibiSibi's Ninja 300 but she didn't want me too.
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  3. I'm worried about the legal side of doing it, also I was looking at some that looked like they didn't have a light for the number plate as I assume this would be something cops would pick you up for?
  4. AFAIK as long as you can see the plate and the indicators/rear lights all work then you *should* be ok, though I *think* if you put on aftermarket indicators that are integrated into the brake/rear light set up the cops can get you on that as the indicators have to be a certain distance from the rear lights (I may be talking out my bot-bot here). Some come with LED plate lights but you may have to look around.

    If you put an aftermarket exhaust then you're pretty much in a legal grey-zone anyway.

    Some nice shorty levers in candy red (you can get adjustable ones off ebay pretty cheap) would look nice too.
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  5. Congrats on the bike she looks amazing :)
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  6. Link: VicRoads Summary of registration requirements

    All motorcycles must be fitted with a number plate light which when lit, illuminates the number plate with a white light so that the numbers and letters are discernible at a distance of 20 metres.

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  7. What a beaut! Very nice colour.

    I personally do not like the exhaust shape that all the latest Kawasaki's are being supplied with. I can see a nice slip on really tidying up the rear end, as well as removing the rear passenger footpegs and a tailtidy.

    Can I also suggest some clutch and gear lever protectors CNC Brake Clutch Lever Protector Hand Guard For Kawasaki Z1000 Z800 Z300 Z250 or similiar
    might save your levers if you ever have a minor spill.

    Also some violet coloured rim tape could do the trick as well.

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    Very nice, well done on your choice of colour.

    Re mods: start with the pipe (to get rid of that awful stocker, if nothing else). Apart from that, just ride it, get to know it, and ideas for further mods should come to you naturally.

    The new Triumph Bonnevilles have okay-looking OEM pipes, which isn't saying much since (a) they're retro bikes, so the pipes are just chrome tubes and (b) they use fake midpipes to hide the giant muffler box.

    The Husky Nuda wasn't too bad either (although that wouldn't have stopped me from sticking an Akra onto it).
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  9. I quite like the look of a 899 panigale or the Duke 390 stock exhaust - both tucked away underneath and keeps the rear nice and open

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  10. Just another pic of her at the Beach! Forgot I had this one! DSC_0263.JPG
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    Great looking bike Spectre_84Spectre_84, congrats (y) Quite a change from lil' ol' Hyo!

    I'd second changing the stock pipe and levers. I changed my levers not only for aesthetic purposes, I needed adjustable set as my hands are too small to reach stock ones. I also put TechSpec Snakeskin tank grips, replaced stock clear windscreen with a solid black one, replaced pillion seat with a cowl and got rid off ugly pillion pegs. Oh and red rim tape :happy:!

    This is the finished product

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    Hey Spectre_84, congrats on your new bike, looks great in that colour - now let the customising begin :)

    Hi Fr33dom, you should know by now - it's NEVER finished, ha ha. :) :)

    Looks incredible too, beautiful Raven :)
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  13. Thanks Fred, your gorgeous "Lady in Red"'Rhonda was my inspiration :love:
    Next project for Raven is heated grips and a luggage setup.
  14. Yes with Winter rapidly approaching heated grips are definitely a good idea. I have heard horror stories about how difficult they are to put onto Honda bars though.

    I went for a ride up to Wentworth Falls last July, and despite having Winter rated Dainese Goretex gloves, my hands got so cold that they cramped and I had to pull over to warm them up after about 45 mins at freeway speeds. I then added foam grips (named rather crudely...) and added inner lining gloves. The combination of thicker padded grips and glove liners made a very noticeable difference in my Winter temperature tolerance. The foam grips have an added advantage in that they add thickness to the bars which makes for a less cramped hand position.

    I saw that Givi have a removable soft pannier luggage range, not sure about dimensions or pricing.
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  15. Some barkbuster guards may also help to keep those hands warm.
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  16. great looking bike!

    Here's some advice you probably won't heed (I know I didn't, but wish i did).

    Don't spend any money on mods for this bike. It wont be long before you decide to upgrade to a bigger lams bike and you'll desperately wish you'd have saved that money to spend on the next toy.

    I threw $500 on a pipe on my 300, It's sitting in my garage now as I obviously wasn't going to get more for the bike had I left it on.

    get the cheapest slip on, it's not worth forking out serious cash on most slip ons let alone a 300. a $800 akrapovic pipe is no better than an $80 dan moto exhaust.
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  17. Great looking bike! ..Congrats :)
  18. Thanks for the advice, I definitely had that in the back of my mind. I'm not going to fully customize this bike but will add some cheap mods for things I feel I really need. I think I had decided on the Musarri Slip on for $200. I've held out purchasing it as I want a black slip on to match the bike as they only have an all silver/chrome but I contacted them as they used to have a carbon fiber and they're actually releasing a black one in a few weeks and they'll let me know as soon as it's available.

    I will keep this bike until I get off my restrictions, if I still like the Z series, I'll look at upgrading to a Z800 or maybe even jump over to the Yamaha MT-09.
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  19. Nice bike, I am a fan of fairings, but I do like the naked 300. My wife said she wants one as her first bike.

    I am thinking the musarri slip on for my 300 which is all black (soon to get green ninja stickers and rim tape) they are only $179 at the moment, but not sure on the chrome against the black, or wait for carbon to come back in stock. I was going to buy it this week but remembered my test, will get it next week.
  20. I don't think the Chrome looks good against the black! They are releasing the black one in the next few weeks with the normal chrome tip, I'm holding out for that one. When I contacted them, they sent me a thumbnail pic and it looked good, it looks like it matches the black plastics of the bike. They said they aren't making the Carbon Fiber one anymore, not sure why!
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