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Featured Bought a new bike today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iClint, May 16, 2014.

  1. Bought a new bike (recently!) post about it here.

    Bought a MT-09 today, with a bit of luck might have it tomorrow if not early next week.

    Trooper Lu's lost the sale they had no stock couldn't tell me when they would, called bikebiz they had 2 in the colour I wanted (matte grey) ready for pre-delivery.

    I'll post a pic when I pick it up.
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  2. nice one iclint I'm looking at the mt09 too what colour are you getting ?
  3. Looking forward to it(y)
    I hear they're good in the snow:p I'll take a guess and say he's getting the matte grey??
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  4. Bought a new 2013 Tuono V4R 4 weeks ago.
    Had its 1000klm service last Friday.

    I like it a lot!

    Love the look of the MT-09 by the way and with a bit of suspension work they are apparently very capable!
  5. Bought one Wednesday, pick it up tomorrow
  6. I'm buying a complete repaint of the VFR tomorrow: does that count?
  7. @iClint@iClint congrats on the new bike brother .And good work on finding a 6 year old thread :)
  8. I can't take credit for that, I started this thread with this title (AFAIK) and it was merged with another thread, whether it was by the same title or another IDK.
  9. Bought this for my wife a few weeks ago.


    Now it has me wanting to trade my R1 for something just as special!

    I'm doing my best to resist the temptation though as i really want to wait and see what new models 21015 will bring?
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  10. IMG_0465.

    Pick it up on Monday :D
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  11. Keeping the Viffer.
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  12. If this happens when i take my MT09 down the shops for some milk it will be money well spent ;)

    Screenshot 2014-05-18 07.06.47.
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  13. Picked it up yesterday. image.
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  14. @iClint@iClint. Why the MT-09 ?
  15. A few reasons

    1. I think it's the first exciting thing to come from yamaha in at least a decade, perhaps even motorcycling in general
    2. Bang for buck
    3. Fits all the criteria I had for an additional bike, it won't need regular washing ie naked, black rims, matte paint
    4. Power to weight.
  16. The real reasons

    1. The two hot chicks in the ad
    2. The two hot chicks in the ad
    3. The two hot chicks in the ad
    4. The two hot chicks in the ad
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  17. Cool. I need to test ride one; they do look good.
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  18. Maybe the chicks do influence my buying decisions....
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  19. Man I really need to buy a VFR1200F in the worst way...