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Bought a helmet that doesn't fit correctly?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hey_howdy, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hi there, first time posting on the forums. I was wondering if anyone has bought a helmet that didn't seem to end up fitting correctly? And what did you do?

    After some research and a lot of trying on of a number of different helmets I very recently bought a Shark RSX and despite it feeling like it fit comfortably in the shop, after the ride home it was just too small, creating pressure near my eyes and a "fabric burn" on the sides of my head getting it on and off. Haven't used it since. I'm caught between whether I should try a few more times to see if the padding loosens up or try to sell it second hand straight away while it's as close to new as possible and recoup some of the loss. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

  2. I hate buying helmets. From my experience you need to buy it a bit smaller because it will definately wear in. Yours maybe a little too tight but its really hard to tell.

    The last two ive bought have ended up wearing in to the point that i wished they were just that little bit more snug.

    Providing its not too painful id prob give it a while longer if i were you.
    You could always shave ya head! Might help a little :p
  3. Hmm, hard to say without seeing it but it does sound a bit small if you are getting burn marks :?

    It will pad down with wear, so maybe try wearing it for short periods to start with.

    Let us know how you go :)
  4. Thanks folks, I'm going to give it another go but only short trips at a time and minimising the getting on and off!

    If the burn marks continue for much longer I'm going to have to give it up - they are neither comfortable nor good looking on the face :p

    Hmmmm if I did shave my head then at least people would stare at something other than the red sides of my face :)
  5. :LOL: at HeyHowdy
  6. My Nolan was too small too - gave me a bit of headache, nothing debilitating, but everything was comfortable and settled within a week.

    Don't know about those burns, though!
  7. I had really expensive surgery and had my head made smaller ( it took a long time to recover but it went well!) so I didn't have to get another helmet :rofl: :bolt:
  8. Ok so a short wear today showed some hopeful signs...

    Burn marks: still looking a bit of a happy little vegemite, but the burn marks are less severe than the previous adventure

    Pressure whilst riding: didn't seem as bad, although could be a case of wishful thinking

    Tentative Prognosis: a slow process of breaking this sucker in may be just what the doctor ordered. I may just be able to avoid the elective HRS (head reduction surgery) that Jeff_ underwent. Which is a good thing, since it doesn't seem to be covered by medicare. :p
  9. Yep, my helmet was tight new, bent my ears, rubbed the cheeks bad a few times. Now it is almost too loose, after only 4 months. So, as long as it is the right shape, keep using it, and it will be great. Also, use the chin straps to pull the helmet on, pulling outward at the same time. This will give the side of your head a little more room.

    By the way, you can get silk under-helmet head covers, that will help a bit with the ears, and possibly temples.