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Bought a brand new Honda CBF250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Indiana, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Yeah that's all. Just felt like announcing it. I got it in black so that i could match any gear with it. Anyone who's in the market for one feel free to ask me any Q's about it...

  2. Hi Indiana,

    How much was it? About $6200 ride away? how does it go? Have you gotten an idea about fuel consumption etc?
  3. Have you ridden any other 250's? Interested in performance/handling comparison.

    What made you choose the CBF?
  4. Give us a little review, with any comparison bikes you've ridden.
  5. Cool, youll have to tell us all about it and post some pics. :)
  6. Im going to ask a dumb question but is this the same as the hornet cb250f?
  7. Nup, I believe the Hornet is a 4 cylinder grey import, where the CBF250 is the replacement CB250.
  8. I'd made the same assumption the first time I'd heard it mentioned too. no, the CBF250 is a single cylinder with similar performance specs to the CB250 (twin) it replaces. :)
  9. Stop riding it and answer our questions :)
  10. Unfortunately this is my first bike and only ridden a few others.
    Being a single cylinder it only rev's to about 10-11k. But you don't need as many revs to get the thing moving as some of the high reving 4 cylinder grey imports as it's got respectable low down torque.
    (22Nm at 6,000 revs)

    Yeah as someone else said this is the replacement for the cb250 - except it looks a lot better. A ot better!

    I chose the CBF250 because i love the Hornet and i recon this thing looks a lot like it, so i understand your thinking that it was related to the hornet.
    I also wanted to buy new and there just aren't too many choices!

    I get my licence in 3 weeks...and don't have any protective gear. So i've only ridden it up and down my street.

    It's an absolute piece of piss to ride. The monkey at Melbourne Zoo could do it!

    It's $5490 in the store - $6250.7 ride away. I know a guy at Peter Stephens tho and got it for 6,000 :) :grin:

    Scottatron you are indeed impatient! ha!
  11. Does anyone know what kind of acceleration i can expect on this baby? (ie 0-100kph)
  12. Gold avtar btw hahah I'm rick james bitches
  13. About 3 weeks.. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Indiana: Sure am ;) Have you by any chance ridden a Kawasaki GPX250 and a Honda VTR250? As these are the three bikes I am looking into...

    I am a bit jealous :p

    Have fun!
  15. Honda CBF250

    The Honda CBF250 looks like a great little bike. I went into Peter Stephens in the city and sat on it, turned it on and was impressed at the little thing. I let my license lapse about two years ago & am now looking to purchase a new 250...
    The CBF250 is my goal.. If you get a chance, head over to the UK Honda site. The bike has been out there for a couple of years and has a bit more documentation about it if you're interested.
    Priced at roughly 3000 pounds I think from memory (don't quote me), Honda have certainly cut the price to bring it into Australia to make it a true CB250 replacement.
    Anyway, good look with your license & enjoy the bike.
    By the way, I think the black is definitely superior to the blue. I just wonder if they'll eventually sell it in silver over here..

  16. 8.5 seconds according to what I could find with Google - so there's plenty of cars out there that'll beat it (definately something to keep in mind if lanesplitting).