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Bought a bike - sort of

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by intrancewetrust, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Well at age 33 i decided to learn to ride, perhaps it was moving to tasmania and all its bendy goodness from perths endless miles of flat, straight roads, or maybe an early mid life crisis? I was going to buy an old 80's or 90's coupe and drive that around, but figured a bike would be the better tool for the occasional mid week cornering fun.

    Sadly the range of bikes here in tas is not quite as good as 'the mainland' and at price range of under 2k, its a huge % of cost to get a nice one sent here. I then thought i could fly over to melbourne, get a mate to drive me to the bike i wanted then drive it back myself. However, an interstate highway or inner city melbourne would probably be a little too intense for maiden voyage!

    So, eventually decided it was not worth the hassle of shopping interstate and decided just to buy a bike here instead. Looking through bikesales there was nothing under 2 grand though, my cursory browsing of gumtree also came up with nothing of interest...

    So when a CBR250 popped up for a grand i was pretty stoked! sure it was from 1987, and had no rego, and looked a bit rough, but i was sure i could get a respectable roadworthy machine after spending another thousand on her. So I bought some straps, made a wheel chock, hired a trailer and made the 1.5 hour drive.

    Now the stupid thing was i had already decided to buy it before I had even seen it. "How can you go wrong for a grand" was my exact words to the missus. well you can go about $1000 wrong actually. Seeing the seller made my heart sink a bit, he kind of looked like the kind of person you find jumping your fence at 3am on sunday night in search of things he could sell to get a hit. My heart sank further as i saw the bike, i thought it looked bad on the crappy 240 pixel gumtree pics (I mean really, who doesnt have a decent camera these days??) but in person it was... a lot worse to say the least. Still i had decided to throw the dice that day, so with eyes firmly closed, chanting my mantra of "cant go wrong for a grand" I handed over the cash. At least it runs though right?

    Wrong, once home it was running for literally 5 minutes, then conked out and wouldnt start again. My repeated attempts to get it started only resulted in the battery dying. Great. In search of the battery terminals to get a charger onto it, i basically discovered the bike was some sort of frankenstein, with the frame (and i assume engine) of a MC17, with MC19 lights and fairings hastily cobbled onto it with whatever pieces of metal happened to lying around the shed, and a few cable ties. Judging by this guys custom fitting "skills" theres no way i would entrust my life to this machine now, it would probably fall apart if you hit 60 kmph! I couldnt sell it to someone as i would lie awake at night wondering if i would be responsible for their grizzly death at the hands of this shitbox. Its not worth fixing, as its halfway between a MC17 and a MC19, so to go either way would require heaps of work. Its not even useful for parts, as the MC19 parts are all either "garbage bin grade" or cheap Chinese ebay crap, and who the hell is after MC17 parts? The guy at the motorbike wreckers had never even heard of a MC17.

    I bet the guy who sold it couldnt believe his luck, and is now handing out durries to all his mates at centrelink with my cash. The funny thing is that he wouldnt budge on the price, firmly believing it was worth $1000, (or maybe he just saw me coming from a mile away). Well I hope he enjoys his toothless blowjobs in the servo dunnies at my expense anyway!

    Anyway thats my little rant, not a great start to a motorbike career but it must be all uphill from here surely! And just to rub salt in the wound, after buying this heaps of registered bikes started popping up for around a grand. What can ya do but laugh?
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  2. Bad luck, look on the bright side it could have been 10 grand not 1. Find a another one and use the shitbox for spares maybe.
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  3. :) Well that's quite a start to your motorcycling career. Hopefully things are better from here on.
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  4. Possibly find something relatively OK here in Melb, and have a rider give it a look.
    If it all looks OK, then get a mate with a car license to come over to Melb with a ute, or hire one here, and then get it home via the ferry.
  5. Nice post, LMAO
    +1 what mcsenna said
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  6. Maybe a writing career beckons? That was a highly entertaining read!
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  7. hehe, thanks :)

    true that at least its only one grand, im sure my woes are quite piddly compared to some people out there! i had actually thought of using the shitbox for spares, but then i would need to find a decent MC17 'hurricane' which might be a stretch. they do look awesome though when they are in original condition.

    well the story has improved a little today as i found a VTR250 for $2000, which seems to be in good condition, runs well etc. had to get a loan from my friendly neighborhood loan shark (a.k.a. "the missus"), but i bought it!
    the bloke was nice enough to deliver it on his ute when i said i wasnt really up for riding it home and was going to hire a trailer. at my placehe smehow managed to get the shitbox running again and even said he might buy it off me to restore and sell. i will still be losing a fair few hundreds but at least i wont have a painful reminder of my stupidity sitting in the garage, shaming me with its presence!

    managed to stay at work for a total of 2.5 hours before i drove back home to admire it some more.. hahah. cant wait for the weekend!
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  8. Why wait, go now........be free!!!
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  9. Excellent (except that you could have had my CB250 for even less).
  10. swap you a cbr250 for it? lol its technically an upgrade....
  11. ........but I already have a new bike this month. That's my quota for some time! :]
  12. Sorry to read about your woes. Put it down to a life lesson and enjoy the VTR as they are a great ride and it sounds like you bought it off someone who has some bike knowledge and a conscience.

    Happy riding!
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  13. Bad luck intrancewetrustintrancewetrust. Must admit I've thought hmm how bad can that cheap one be, bit of spanner time and some cash & I can fix it. Then you start finding cable ties...

    Could've bolted the MC17/19 to the wall as some artwork and try to convince your mates that you brought it knowing it was a crankenstein 'cause it's a great looking bike.
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  14. yes lesson learned, haha. well i can ride the new VTR all weekend so happy days :)
  15. your new VTR doesn't exist unless we see pictures of it intrancewetrust! ;)
  16. true true... here ya go...

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  17. very nice bike! ....nice and clean too (y)
  18. thanks, im pretty stoked... no cable ties on this one lol
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  19. Can't go wrong with a VTR.

    But hey, I'm biased.

    And I'd have another one in a heartbeat - great bikes.
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  20. yeah im itching to take it out for a spin, almost went this afternoon but it was raining/getting dark. probably wont be able to sleep tonight, damn it ... lol like a kid before christmas again
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