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Bought a bigger bike ... any courses to do on the upgrade?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jellikit, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. So,

    I've bought myself a bigger bike (currently have a VTR250.. have purchased a TL1000S) I'm not legal to ride it (yet.)

    Just wondering if there's any courses around on the step up to a bigger bike, or should I just jump on and play around once I'm allowed to.

    I've been speaking to a couple of people who own / have owned TLs, and have been discussing the major issues they have... is that enough?
  2. I've never heard about a course being held to prepare people for the bigger engines.... I would suggest waiting till you get your licence then riding it lightly in quiet streets to get used to it. You might be fully licenced but the second you jump on the big bore bike you will feel like a learner again.

    Just spend a week or two mucking about in backstreets etc. and you'll be fine. IMO it would be a good time to book an adv course now so you can learn how to move the bigger machine easier.

    Just keep in the back of your head that the bike is very powerful and things that you could get away with on the vtr 250 you will not get away with on the TL.

    Btw nice choice in bikes, I almost bought one when i went shopping for an upgrade.

    Good luck! :grin:
  3. HART in Victoria (where the OP resides) offers one; the Intermediate-level course, where you can elect to do it on their lil' 250... Or so long as you hold a P's license or full license, you can use their Hornet 600s. (Edit: Or the CB400 if you wish, apparently)


    It's marketted as a course suitable for those wanting to upgrade to a bigger bike. :)
  4. I did this on a 600 hornet just before I got my 600 and before I had a full licence. Took away all my worries about bigger bikes. Locked the front and didn't fall off, scraped pegs, did a stoppie. Eventually had a low speed topple over. So I got a lot of stuff out of the way :grin:
  5. I'm thinking it might be a bit easier just to take it easy on the new bike (in 11 months) since I don't flog my VTR now (hardly ever over the limit or near the redline)
  6. What do you mean easier? HART's intermediate course is tailored for the exact needs that you have described in your OP :? Why ask?
  7. You bought a bike that you won't be able to ride for 11 months? You do realise that bikes depreciate in cost, right?
  8. You do realise that it's at LEAST an 8 year old bike so much further depreciation is unlikely over 11 months :roll: